Pierce Shows That He Is First Ballot HOF...And Other Thoughts....

I can say this: we will all miss Paul Pierce BIGTIME when he is gone. The media talks about Joe Johnson and his $100 million something contract. Well this just in, he ain't nothin' next to Pierce. Tonight was a night when the outlook was tough. One sure way to get e "W" was for Pierce to have a big one, and boy did he.

At the risk of wearing green tinted glasses, Pierce has one of the most diverse offensive games in the NBA. I put him in there with Kobe, Durant, Lebron, and Carmelo. However, I think he stands with Kobe as the only complete offensive players in today's league with grit. Durant is knocking on the door. LeBron is looking for the door, and Melo is playing only one end of a see-saw...the offensive end.

In any case, Pierce's 36 tonight sums up his career. When, Rondo pulled the oops move of the season the other night. It was clear right away that Pierce was the prescription for the collective anxiety of Celtic Nation. He did it from the get go, while scoring nine right away. He hit mid-range, threes, lay-ups, and dunks. He also grabbed 14 off the glass. All the time, he handled the ball throughout, and he made sure IT happended. Where IT was the necessary win, after the Rondo mess. All I can say is thanks Paul. Thanks....

A few other thoughts....

Wouldn't Pierce look good in London. Jerry Colangelo, are you listening. You have a few injuries, and a gold for a mature, gritty, hall of famer would be nice.

I know Pop got COY, but Doc deserves better than fifth for getting KG to pkay the 5 and getting him to score inside.

Btw, good job on the glass tonight Big Ticket!

Avery sure looks strong.

Good job by the refs tonight.

Loved to see Marquis contribute some meaningful minutes tonight.

Can we trade Donny Marshall back to Cleveland? Can't we find some ex-Celtic to do studio work and lurk in Mike and Tommy's shadow?

You gotta love te chemistry of this crew. You get the reeling that they would've he'd it down at Bastogne. I say that with the utmost reverence. These guys JUST DON'T QUIT,

Great timeouts by Doc down the stretch. There were just enough at the right time to avoid losing the wagon wheels to any potential "slow it down hero ball."

Josh Smith is confounding. This guy is so gifted, yet can't put together enough consistent play. If this knee is bad, the Hawks are in BIG trouble Friday.

Speaking f Friday, Rondo, you better bring it! Paul laid out the blueprint, now you keep laying the blocks to 18!

Thanks Truth!!! Straight killer tonight!

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