Reality Just Kicked in Big Time!

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We all know the Celtics have been inconsistent all season, but the playoffs is where this veteran Celtics team thrives. Unfortunately that has not been the case thus far. The Hawks/Celtics series was an ugly six game series based mostly on defense. Now, this series between the Sixers/Celtics has a mirror image.

The Celtics, inconsistent all season have now made life more difficult for themselves. In one of the ugliest playoffs games ever displayed the Celtics came up, but too short and too late. The Sixers/Celtics series is now even, with the Sixers now in the driver's seat. It's a series now, folks!

The Celtics will play games 3 and 4 in Philly, with all the momentum on the Sixers side. It's possible the Sixers can or will take the series 3-1 back to Boston. The past 2 seasons the Celtics have played close, but poorly games in Philly. We've seen inconsistency throughout the regular season and partly during the post-season. I don't know what to expect from this Celtics team heading into Philly.

That should worry the "crap" out of Celtics fans. I'm worried, because I see a team that's playing with no sense of urgency just barely squeaking out games. I see a Celtics team that doesn't understand what is at stake. A great defensive, but inferior team such as the Sixers, are giving the Celtics problems. I saw two teams that played like trash, but one walked away victorious.

Reality is starting to settling in about this Celtics team. I'm starting to believe this team isn't serious. They don't respect their opponents i.e, (Hawks, Sixers) The post-season is when this team should be peaking and they're not at the moment. So far this series I've noticed more cons than pros.


  • Celtics are getting caught on switch defense.
  • Celtics keep sagging off shooters.
  • Celtics don't rebound or box-out.
  • Celtics don't put bodies on defensive or offensive rebounders.
  • Celtics are allowing Sixers wings to constantly penetrate to the basket.
  • Celtics are settling for too many jumpers instead of going to the basket.
  • Pierce allows himself to get trapped or double-teamed driving to the hoop.
  • Not enough KG or Bass inside the paint.
  • Coaching has been sub par by Doc.
  • Sixers are a poor shooting team, but Celtics continue to sag off open shooters. NBA players make wide open shots.
  • Rondo's lack of urgency to drive or get to the line.
  • Rondo is more focused on getting assists than quarter-backing the team.
  • Rondo tends to play 24 minutes of ball instead of 48 min.
  • Rondo's bad habit of waiting at the top of the key or beyond the 3pt-line waiting for shooters to get open. Bad habit!
  • Lifeless body language when things aren't going the Celts way.
  • Celtics bench is inconsistent.

Until the Celtics fix these flaws I don't see them winning this series. I just don't. I'm one of the most supportive C's fan out there. But at times it's extremely frustrating watching this team play. One would think the Celtics, with their star power, championship and veteran experience would use fundamentals such as rebounding, executing and consistency.

Some people try to compare this current Celtics team to the 2010 team. I don't see it. The 2010 Celtics team were hungry and feisty. They won at home and on the road. They played lock down defense and executed with grit. During the 2010 playoffs Rondo was a menace. So far I've seen no trace. As of now I'm not sure who this team is or what they're capable of doing, but right now it's not looking good. I would not be surprised if the Sixers stole this series.

No Rose, Howard, Noah, Horford, Zaza or Bosh and still this Celtics team can't see the big clue!

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