Knock... Knock...

Answer the door, it’s opportunity.

Yes, Celtics, the gods of NBA Basketball are seemingly dangling banner 18 directly in front your noses, and all you have to do is reach out and grab it. There’s no other way to explain it. Is it fate? Or has the universal roulette wheel of chaos randomly decided to land on Green 18. Who knows, and frankly, who cares? All that matters:

Don’t squander this opportunity.

A miraculous and inspired second half of regular season hoops netted you the Atlantic Division and a first round meeting with a hurting and dunce-capped Atlanta Hawks team. Zaza Pachulia stepped aside; KGs kryptonite was gone. Al Horford only showed for the second part of the series, and Josh Smith… well… was Josh Smith.

Fortune smiled, and you graciously accepted. The gods were pleased.

The second round was another gift. Rose and Noah met the true agony of defeat and a fledgling Sixers team was allowed to pass by unscathed. No big men to harass our undermanned front line. While the Sixers have heart and energy abound, they are not the better team and they are beginning to notice.

Don’t get complacent, C’s, the gods don’t appreciate being taken for granted.

The Heat. Oh, the mighty Heat. They have angered the gods quite verily. Not once, not twice, not three… I digress. Now without their only low post “presence”, they may fall victim to a Pacers squad with something to prove. Even if the Heat do survive this series it is likely they would face the Celtics without Bosh still. Advantage Celtics. Now, this is not to say that facing the Pacers would be a cakewalk, far from it. In fact, Roy Hibbert may be our single greatest threat in the Eastern Conference. Yet the Pacers are not experienced and may not be as desperate as a Celtics team with windows closing. Advantage Celtics.

The rays of light are pouring forth from the clouds, Boston. Keep your hubris in check, and don’t let up.

Now, within the next few days or couple of weeks, the Basketball gods may choose to turn everything on its head once more, there is no telling. Paul Pierce’s leg could get much worse, Ray could be completely unavailable, KG and Rondo may spontaneously combust, and the bench’s new Flex Dance might show up in a Beiber video. But the lesson the fates whisper is always the same. Carpe Diem. Seize the Day. Give KG, Pierce, Ray, and Rondo another shot at the NBA Finals… Anything is possible. (Copyright Kevin Garnett 2008)

Answer the door, Celtics. It might be your last opportunity.

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