Bill Kennedy And The NBA Are Corrupt: Lessons of May 18

May 18, 2012: 36 free throws for Philadelphia in game 4, 19 for Boston. And that's after a 4th quarter in which Kennedy finally (mostly) stopped blowing his whistle against the Celtics, presumably because he did not want them to actually lose the game and thus bring even more attention to his blatant corruption.

You know those 17 turnovers for the Cs? Understand that fully half of them were due to bogus ref calls.

It is not reasonable or even possible for the many, many whistles Kennedy falsely blew in Philly's favor to have been simple errors of judgment. Likewise, it's not reasonable or possible that all the blatant fouls BY Philly which he and his friends FAILED to call were also errors.

No -- it's clear what happened here. The Celtics started out demolishing the Sixers. For whatever reason -- money on the game, instructions from the league to keep it competitive, take your pick -- Kennedy started calling blatantly bogus fouls on Boston approximately 4-5 minutes into the first quarter. Simultaneously, he ignored several blatant fouls committed by Philly on Boston.

This continued until the 4th quarter, when he stopped. By then, the Celtics were demoralized and exhausted. It's very hard to play this game when you know, for sure, that the officiating is bogus and set against you.

And that's how the Celtics lost game 4 of the 2012 2nd round.

And then came the Lakers-Thunder game, same night. Lakers won 99-96 and 41 OF THEIR POINTS CAME AT THE FREE THROW LINE. Just digest that number for a moment. Coincidence that both these travesties happened on the same night? Anyone who thinks that didn't see both games. This was not coincidence; this was planned.

The NBA is a corrupt league, and the events of May 18 prove it.

Where is the media in all this? We'll see. But remember that they make plenty of money via the NBA too. It's a nice, cozy, profitable relationship. Are laws being broken? Probably. Who's going to do something about that? I have no idea.

The Celtics will probably win this series (if permitted by the referees, that is). But these events should bring home to us, once again, how bogus and corrupt the NBA truly is. What is the point of investing time, emotion and money in this kind of silliness? I am not going to be a pawn and a money spigot for David Stern and his gang of corrupt refs.

I love the Celtics, but hate the league they play in.

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