What Philly Fans Are Saying

Just for fun (and because I'm bored). This is my first post on here. I apologize if this isn't appropriate. All quotes are taken from the SB Nation site, "Liberty Ballers".

The Technical Fans

"When attempting a rebound, PUT A BODY ON A MAN AND BOX ... OUT."

"Free Throws: Make 80% and we win."

The Rationalist Fans

"Whatever happens tonight there’s just no doubt the Sixers have exceeded everyone’s expectations (including us fans). It is crazy to think we are one win away from the Eastern Conference Finals!"

"Really taking to this young, energetic, albeit slightly flawed team."

"Perhaps this is the day one of Sixers puts together back to back good games."

"When Bostons healthy 4 of their top 5 starters are better than anyone on the Sixers roster.

"Even if the sixers lose tomorrow, they’ll be 7-6 in the playoffs…winning!"

"As much as I want us to win this series, it doesn’t magically make us a very good team."

The Superstitious Fans

"Before every playoff game I get a breakfast sandwich from a deli down the street. Sausage fried egg and cheese on French bread and a calypso black cherry lemonade. I’m putting on my jrue holiday jersey and headed out the door."

"I’m wearing my Hersey Hawkins signed jersey to bed tonight, and my baby boy’s wearing his Iverson era crawler."

"Went to the playground this morning and played a bit of tonight’s game (I am too superstitious to tell you the score)."

The Pessimistic Fans

"Most of us want the roster blown-up and the owners to start from scratch to build a contender. Going this deep into the playoffs seems to divert those plans."

"Gut feeling is that Sixers will lose this game handily. BECAUSE talent always wins out."

"Most of us here don’t believe in this team either."

"We still know that our offense is terrible. Nothing new was identified in the postseason."

"I think it’s a misnomer for people to say Barkley is "hating" on the Sixers. He keeps saying they’re not very good, they’re a flawed team, they can’t shoot, they can’t rebound. Well, that’s all true, isn’t it?"

The Optimistic Fans

"We are seeing the Sixers become exciting again. This is just the beginning and I encourage you all to savor this time – as it doesn’t last forever. This team is special. These guys show the heart, hard work, intensity and competiveness to have earned our respect."

"Call me crazy But I’m feeling really (uncomfortably) confident for this game 7 tomorrow and I don’t know why…all of the "logic" that says they have no chance isn’t resonating at all with me…I just feel like all the pressure is on the Celtics and the Sixers have nothing to lose."

"Winning Game 7 could springboard the franchise!"

The Pissed Off Fans

"Wow, Miami fans really want us to win. Not because we match-up with them badly, but they equally hate those pompous, entitled, nerf-herder Celtic fans."

"Let’s piss off 29 other fanbases and give em the series no one but us wants to see."

"I hope we win 72-68 and we get to hear everyone and their mothers ... about it. Let’s go."

"I want to beat these [jerks] bad!"

"I can’t stand the smug arrogance of Celtics fans. KG is a whiny punk.... Rondo is butt-ugly. Pierce flops and screams like he’s squeezing a brick out ... after a week of constipation."

"Screw their whole ... operation up there."

"I’ve been a Philly fan for a long time. I’m used to hating Boston and their obnoxious fans."

"I don't like the Celtics. I don't like (most of) their fans. I don't like (most of) the people that write about them."

"I especially don't like how, unlike Sixers fans, these guys can't admit that they're not a very good team."

"As someone who went to school at Syracuse I got to know lots of Boston fans quite well. I loathe all things Beantown and would love, love, love to take this series now that it’s actually possible."

"the current version of the Celtics are the most overrated team in NBA history." "Ray Allen is awful"

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