Danny Ainge, Repeat Offender

Home alone, bored on a rainy day and so I decided to do a piece on Ainge's offseason tendancies but It kinda spiraled into something else.

Ainge is predictable with his FA pursuits. every year he goes after the same guys in trades and free agency. from guys he wanted to draft and on up.

based on this and comments made by him and doc im going to assemble next seasons team. first off is pierce, if he thinks ainge will trade him then i think he retires. if this happens then i dont see KG back either. however, i think pierce stays to finish his last year of the contract. thus, the team and KG agree to a 1 year deal for around $9m. thats the normal rate based on his age. although he may tell ainge where to go. ray wont be back based on comments from ray and doc that seem to suggest the team no longer wants him.

doc made a comment earlier in the year that he's not so sure JJ is a PF and may be a wing player. so i have him moving to SF next season.

Ainge tried to trade ray for mayo this year and also made a push for him last season. for this reason i think the team makes a strong pushn to sign him. may or may not get him but for this im going to assume he lands here. if he lands here, i think he give him a 3-5 year deal starting in the $6m range and going up each year.

the kings have made tyreke evans available and for those who dont know ainge tried to trade up to draft him on draft night. it never happened. he also tried to trade for him last year and this year. im going to assume ainge gets his man this year using a 1st rounder, future 1st.

going to assume bass doesnt opt out but i have a feeling he will.

stiemsma is a restricted FA who may get some good offers. if offer him a 2-3 year deal slightly above his qualifying offer, say $1.5m a season.

i think sean williams stays on for cheap, 1 or 2 year deal. no more than a million probably $700-800k range.

i have the team taking a big, in my mind either melo or ezeli. 2nd rounder would likely be a project PG/SG

that leaves us with like $3.7m in cap space. still needing a starting center unless the team uses KG there again which it could.
not much we could get with the money we have at this point (note: we werent getting hibbert, mcgee as they think they are worth max money) Asik, thompson are our best chances but teams may match those offers. we could always go project piece there to with anthony randolph, koufas kostas or even old buddy semih erden and go after howard or someone else next season when pierce and KG come off the books. im taking the latter, im going to pencil in randolph. his potential to run with rondo and block shots is intriguing.

this leaves us with two open roster spots which the team may fill with vet min deals, IDK.

C: randolph/steams/melo or ezeli
PF: KG/bass/williams
SF: pierce/evans/jj
SG: bradley/mayo/2nd round rookie
PG: rondo/mayo/2nd round rookie

very versatile team that doc could mix and match. not even sure pierce would start, he may come off the bench with mayo and bass making the second unit tough.

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