Let It Be

The Celtics put up a valiant fight in ECF game 2, but couldn't get it done thanks in large part to the refs, but also because to beat the Heat, the Celtics now have to be nearly perfect. And inevitably, somebody messes up, at least a little. This time, it was Paul Pierce shooting 0-5 on threes, 8-19 overall, and turning the ball over 3 (unnecessary) times. And to a lesser extent, Ray and KG with their tepid shooting.

To slow Miami down, the Cs doubled a lot and packed the paint. The result was a ton of open threes, and the Heat knocked down enough of them to hurt. You can't rely on your opponents missing wide-open perimeter shots. These are pros. They're eventually going to hit those.

And then there's the problem of the referees. It's clear we're simply not going to get fair officiating in this series. The refs were better in Game 2 compared to game 1, but THEY STILL SUCKED:

Q3 - Wade's block of Ray's layup is a foul -- he pushes Ray's torso as he goes up for the block. Refs screw up.
Q3 - James runs into Dooling who is STANDING STILL, but a block is called. A clear charge. Refs screw up again.
Q4 - 5th foul on Pierce: wrong call. Refs screw up again.
Q4 - Pierce 6th foul: Paul went straight up in the air, and was not in the restricted area. The charge is called a blocking foul. Refs screw up again.
OT - Rondo is hit hard in the eye on a layup, and because there's no call, the Heat get an easy 2 points on the other end. 4 point swing. (The difference in the game.)
Whole Game - Every little touch on Lebron James was whistled. It happened all game long, but got worse in the final minutes of regulation and OT.

So.... despite Rondo playing the game of his life (and all 53 minutes), the Celtics are now in a 0-2 hole. To get out of it, they have to be near-perfect in 4 out of 5 games. How likely is that?

Even if Miami slows down, and the Cs play the best basketball of their lives, that would still not earn them any new rings. They'd ALSO have to go out and beat the San Antonio Spurs 4 out of 7 times... Have you seen how good the Spurs are right now?

It helps a lot to be healthy.

Our guys have fought hard, but the truth is: we are DECIMATED. Fate has been hammering us all season long with cruel and unusual punishment. (If you have any idea why, apologize. Quick.) The last and cruelest blow was the near-simultaneous losses of Ray's ankles and Avery's shoulders, all of which came too late for Danny to pull another rabbit out of his hat. Of course. (Thanks for that, Fate. Now please go to hell.)

So that's that. We're probably not getting past the Heat. If we get close, the refs will probably make sure we don't get there. And if somehow it does happen, we are even less likely to get past the Spurs. So in a sense, if the torture ends sooner rather than later, I'll be OK with that. Enough's enough. We'll let Fate, the league, and the refs have their way. We're hurting too much to keep tilting at windmills.

But there's always next year. Next year, though we may part with some of our guys, we should have better health and better answers. There is hope.

But not for me, I think. It's become clear to me that the NBA is dishonest, that the competition is too often ruined by the all-powerful referees over whom there is practically NO control. I have canceled my League Pass auto-renewal, and though I will miss the Cs for sure, I know they won't be the same team next season anyway. Maybe if enough fans ACTUALLY walk away, something will change, someday. I won't be holding my breath.

And when the broken-hearted people,
Living in the world agree,
There will be an answer,
Let it be.

For though they may be parted,
There is still a chance that they will see,
There will be an answer,
Let it be.
Let it be.

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