Is this lineup possible for 2012-2013

not to jump ahead, but I was just looking through the list of available free agents this summer and started trying to figure out possible lineups for next year. Im not an expert on a lot of the new cap rules, so hopefully someone who is can give some feedback (roy).

Rondo (11 mill) / Hinrich (vet minimum)

Bradley (1.6 mill) / Ray (MLE, or 3.6 million)

Jeff Green (6 mill) / PP (16.8 mill)

Ersan Ilyasova (8 mill) / Brandon Bass (4 mill) / JJJ (1 mill)

KG (8 mill) / Kaman (vet min) / Stiemsma (1 mill)

Rondo, PP, Bradley, and JJJ are all under contract, so thats $30.4 against the cap

Lets assume Bass takes his player option at $4 mill, now we have $34.4 on the books

We then sign Jeff Green for a 6 mill, 1 year deal - Although this is very low for a player of his caliber, it works for both him and the team. His perceived value will have taken a large hit due to the heart issue, and he will not be able to fetch a big, long term contract on the open market. A 1 year deal gives him the ability to showcase his talents and pursue a much better contract in 2013 (from the celtics or another team). I think that due to the loyalty the celtics have shown him and the long term financial benefits that this would provide, he would be down. (glen davis did something similar in 2010. >>> This puts us at $40.4 million against the cap

next, we have Ersan Ilyasova. Although a bit of a SF/PF combo type guy, he is an excellent rebounder. Despite not being the strongest post defender, there are few PFs who play down low anymore, and he is a very good peremiter defender. Is also fast and athletic, would make a great running mate for rondo, bradley, and green. we could sign him to a backloaded 5 year contract starting at 8 mill (i think that would max him out at 12ish mill by the final season, and seems like a fair price) >>> $48.4 million on the books

With a retooled starting lineup and some talented youth, I think KG would be compelled to sign on for a reduced price. I realize that he is probably the best bigman free agent, and could command upwards of 13 mill from a team like the Nets. However, he is extremely loyal and I think that the only reason to comeback is to get 1 more ring and cement his legacy. He also has more money than God already, and is one of the richest athletes of all time. I could see him signing on for 8 mill if we gave him a no trade clause or a player option for a second year. >>> we now have $56.4 million on the books.

Resign stiemsma for $1mill >>> $57.4 million on the books.

This is where things get tricky. According to wikipedia "Under the 2011 CBA, the amount of the MLE and its duration depend on the team's cap status. The MLE is now $5 million for a duration of four years for teams that are over the cap either before or after the signing, but did not pay luxury tax in the previous season. Teams without cap room that paid tax in the previous season have an MLE of $3 million with a three-year duration. Teams with cap room, previously ineligible for the MLE, have a new MLE of $2.5 million with a two-year duration. The MLE is frozen at the stated levels through the 2012–13 season, after which it increases by 3% per season."

I guess all we would have is the 2 year, $2.5 million exception as we paid tax in the previous season, and any signing would put us over the predicted $61 million soft cap.

with that in mind, I guess there are a couple options, all of which seem like a long shot but would really solidify this team as a contender. First, we could offer Ray Allen the rest of our cap space (61 mill - 57.4 mill = $3.6 million)

This seems like a fair value for Ray allen, given his current injury issues and the potential of surgery. However, he has made it clear that he wants to play somewhere where he can be a starter. Despite this, I thinkt that, with the lineup previously stated, and the chance to form a super-bench with PP, Bass, Hinrich and maybe Kaman, he would have a hard time not viewing this as an opportunity to raise banner 18 (or maybe 19) and go out on top. Again, loyalty and stability are important to him so we could throw in a no trade clause and some sort of player option.

With that, we are over the cap, regardless if we do it through the MLE or through offering $3.6 million.

Again I am not an expert on the cap rules, but I believe that you can offer the Vet Min to as many players as you like. I think that Kaman and Hinrich, who are both vets and have received large contracts in the past may be willing to sign on with the celtics for the vet min. They also seem to be scrapy, blue collar players and i think that they would probably appreciate this type of franchise.

With that, we have an incredibly solid 12 man unit, a totally revamped starting lineup which can run with rondo, and probably the best bench of all time. I see the rotation looking something like this.

Rondo (35 mpg) / Hinrich (10 mpg) / Bradley (3 mpg)

Bradley (28 mpg) / Ray (20 mpg)

Green (23 mpg) / PP (25 mpg)

Ilyasova (30 mpg) / Green (6 mpg) / Bass (12 mpg)

KG (23 mpg) / Kaman (20 mpg) / Bass (5 mpg)

It is also an incredibly versitile lineup, with many players who can play 2 positions

BIG LINEUP: Rondo, Pierce, Green, KG, Kaman

SMALL LINEUP: Rondo, bradley, pierce, green, KG

3 Ball lineup: Hinrich, Ray, Pierce, Green KG

Defensive: rondo, bradley, pierce, KG, Kaman

Fastbreak: Rondo, Bradley, green, ilyasova, kg (starters)

Anyways, let me know what you think about that team, and whether or not it is possible financially.

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