Game to game decision for Number 20, Ray,

After missing 11 games, he is playing today!

Rondo with the ball, Hawks looking at him,

Bradley cut to the hoop like he was playing in the gym.

Early fouls on Collins, of Dampier we caught sight,

He's played nine minutes since St. Patrick's night.

The Hawks' 7-0 run was stopped by Ray,

Who scored a hoop on his very first play!

Turnovers were even, both teams had four,

A thrill to see Ray run around--and score.

Cs start Q2 down by two,

Because Joe Johnson did what he had to do.

The crowd was quiet, nervous about what they did see,

Til a sigh of relief, Pietrus for three.

Ray, three of five shooting, minutes, nine,

Hope there's no ankle swelling and he feels fine.

No Josh Smith tonight, an energized Tracy McG,

Cs take back the lead on Rondo to KG.

Halfway through Q2 again we see Ray,

Teague coast to coast, no one got in his way.

No field goals, just free throws, for Captain Pierce,

Til under two left Q2, he's still fierce.

McG was on fire, then he got hurt,

Cs ended Q2, up 2, a 6-0 spurt.

You know Doc told the Cs to go where there ain't

Any Hawks bigs to stop them--in the paint!

Rondo dribbled so long, seconds left til the pass,

Then hard to the hoop, good dunk by Bass.

Q3 Rondo to KG, alley-oop,

Signs of energy for the Cs group!

Seems his ankle was better so in came McG,

Cs have to be careful, turnovers Captain P.

Under 5 left, Q3, again we saw Ray,

Just as the Hawks took the lead away.

Bradley went to the locker room with a sore shoulder,

Relying on the experience of the Cs who are older.

Hawks get layups with every pick and roll,

Cs need less dribbling, gotta go to the hole.

They start Q4, the score's 60 to 58,

Teague tied, Pietrus for three, Ray on the cut--great!

Rondo to the hoop, Pierce for three,

Good steals and ball movement, especially great D.

The Cs went on an 11-0 run,

Though Teague kept getting his work done.

11-0 run by the Hawks, 80 the tie,

Five minutes Cs no scoring, don't know why.

14.9 left, 11th rebound for KG,

Pierce with the miss, overtime we'll see.

Rondo scored, stole the ball, slipped on a wet spot,

Pierce hard to the hoop, over Johnson he shot.

Pierce turnover, KG got it, on the floor--timeout,

Doc had to tap the ref who didn't hear him shout!

Hawks Johnson scored, going hard to the hoop,

Shot clock violations by the Cs group.

1:00 left, foul on Pietrus, terrible call,

"Ball don't lie," Hawks' shots wouldn't fall.

Huge minutes KG, Pierce, Rondo and Ray,

Phew! With Pietrus these guys saved the day!

Love that our point guard causes all kind of trouble,

Tonight Rondo's 7th playoff triple double.

At the end of each poem it is important to know,

Rondo double digit assist games, 26 in a row!

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