Making another run next season will be suicide for the Celtics...

I'm convinced now that making another run next season is a REALLY BAD IDEA... Trying to make another run next season could lead to years of mediocrity. Ainge's strategy must be about rebuildling for the future. Here are some reasons why:

1. David Stern - I'm convinced that as long as he's in office he will absolutely not allow the Celtics to win a title. Might as well wait to make your run after he retires. Granted, his protege Mr. Silver will probably be the same but who knows maybe the next in charge will give credibility back to the NBA by correcting the officiating problems with this league.

2. Big Three - While I truly appreciate these guys for ressurecting the franchise, I would be completely fine with not bringing back any of them if it helped the team build for the future. Ray Allen just doesn't have it anymore in my opinion. Shooting is too streaky and seems to have some major issues getting open. He also can't finish to the rim and never seems to drive to the basket making it more difficult for himself to shoot three's.. I also had enough of his lazy passes and turnovers throughout the season and the playoffs..

PIerce's shooting percentage is just not good enough for a superstar in this league anymore.. he came into the season out of shape and I don't think it will change next season.. the wear and tear on his body is starting to show.. someone like the Pacers or the Bulls might be willing to make a trade for him thereby freeing up 16 mil. I would only bring KG back if he took a deal that was under his market value, since his stock is through the roof now. I actually think this is a strong possibility since he seems to really love being a celtic and clearly cares about the team.

4. Changing the Celtics Identity - the Celtics are a jump shooting team. I don't feel this identity is going to make them competitive with the Hawks, Pacers, Bulls and Heat. Most of the Eastern conference has soft interiors. We need a young athletic team with some guys who can go inside and crash the boards and rebound. Rebounding has been the achilles heal of the Celtics for the past few years and is also why they lost game 7 in 2010 finals. I guess I'm saying we need milsap, jefferson, zee-bo type players on the team. Brandon Bass is not in that category. I'll admit that KG started posting up more in the playoffs, but I fully expect him to revert back to being a jump shooter next season especially if he goes back to Power Forward. When your point guard is the best finisher at the Rim, something seems wrong with that. I also dont feel that the Celtics get enough easy baskets.

5. Rondo and Bradley - in my opinion are the only MUST KEEPS for the team and everyone else is expendable. Rondo is arguably the best all-around point guard in the league now. Chris Paul who I can't stand dribbles too much and can't really play defense. Bradley is a great lock down defender and is the only guy on the team who cuts to the basket. The Celtics still need another lock down defender to guard the 3 as Bradley is too small for that. Pietrus played pretty good D overall but was too inconsistent.

6. Dwayne Wade - Has nothing to do with this post, but I just want to say that I despise this guy. I was infuriated last night when he was picking on Rondo and then Rondo gets a technical for not backing down. Someone needs to clean this guys clock given how dirty he is. When lebron tracks down guys to block shots, his momentum sometimes ends up getting carried into the player and they get pushed out of bounds, etc. Wade actually goes up to block the shot and then attempts to push the guy down at the same time and yet he never gets flagrants and never fouls out.

I'm looking forward to seeing the new-look Celtics next season and can't wait for the draft and observing all the off-season moves.

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