draft combine risers/fallers and how it effects us

I've been reading absolutely everything I can get my hands on about the combine... some kind of bizarre coping mechanism I'm sure. Anyway, here are the bits I've gleaned that could have ramifications for our draft slot.

1. Meyers Leonard
OLD CW: Big with limited skills who could be available at pick 21.
NEW CW: Tallest player in the combine. Great conditioning, great interviews. Will NOT be available for the Celtics.

2. Austin Rivers
OLD CW: Underperformed in college; could fall to the Celtics.
NEW CW: Likely has a promise (per Chad Ford). Will NOT be available for the Celtics.

3. Arnett Moultrie
OLD CW: A big with excellent size and rebounding skills who performed well in college. Won't make it past the Rockets/76ers turn in the middle of the round.
NEW CW: Didn't participate in drills at the combine. Execs are not excited about him, may be dropping. Long shot for the Celtics, but conceivable.
Editorial note: IMO Too big, too good, and too proven to fall. I don't believe a word of it. Stay tuned, though, because so far he looks like the biggest falling star of 2012.

4. Andrew Nicholson
OLD CW: St. Bonnie doesn't impress. Undersized NBA tweener. Too risky to go mid-round. Likely pick for the Celtics.
Great measurements, great performance at the combine. On second thought, everyone wants a defensive POY who has a 7'3" wingspan and nearly led the entire NCAA in efficiency. Go figure. Unlikely to fall to the Celtics.
Editorial note: My little heart is breaking.

5. Royce White
OLD CW: Built like a truck. A truck driven by a crazy person. Awesome penetrator and ball handler with PF size. Should probably try shooting free throws underhand. Will be an option for the C's.
NEW CW: Nice interviews. Does it make a difference? Probably not. Still likely to be an option for the C's

6. Tyler Zeller
OLD CW: Robin Lopez reincarnate. Some team with no flare for drama will take him around 10-12.
NEW CW: Tyler who? Falls a tick after Meyers Leonard leapfrog. A few surprise reaches and this gets interesting.

7. Moe Harkless
OLD CW: Fringe 1st rounder. Too raw to get serious lottery consideration. A good high ceiling option for the Celtics.
NEW CW: Elite athleticism and size, court smarts not as bad as you think. Per Ford, he probably gets in the lottery and goes as high as the top 10. Unlikely to be available for the Celtics.

8. Fab Melo
OLD CW: A worthy project considering his tremendous size. Absolutely an option for the Celtics at 21/22.
NEW CW: Surprise, he's not as big as you think! Overreach.

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