Rondo for Carmelo Anthony

Ok...we await the KG decision.

There are no superstars available at this time, without a trade.

This is what Ainge is thinking...this is what Pierce is thinking.

KG retires.

Will Pierce return if KG retires? Does Paul want to rebuild? Without KG, it is a serious, Rondo, Bradley, Green and Pierce with an overpriced FA and assorted bench guys is what? KG got the Celtics to where they have been for 5 years. The guy stood on his head March thru June this year...Ainge does not have anyone to replace KG and for God's sake don't start talking about Hibbert like he's going to carry the Celtics back to the finals. Ainge needs a superstar. Teams that trade superstars are screwed...they have little to the Twolves 5 years ago.

Pierce looks at the above and says "I have had my knee drained 47 times...I can't jump anymore and the man is gone..."

If you are a laundry guy, stop reading this post. It is gonna get ugly.

This is how Ainge is thinking because this is how he thought BEFORE when he made the Allen and KG deals. We all have opinions but, Ainge is the one who will make the move...thus, we assume his behavior will be similar to the last time.

Ainge needs assets to trade for a "Kevin Love type" of superstar....Rondo's value is at it's peak...the team will not be better next year. Rondo's value will drop some with a weaker team next year.

If he can, Ainge will consider trading Rondo as his value is highest NOW.

Bad, but, possible example #1 ........the Knicks. They suck...the only time they were good was when Melo was out and Lin was running the floor. Their salary situation is one of the worst in the league. Frankly, the Pacers, the Hawks and the 76ers are better than they are and will be for years to come. The Knicks will be fighting for the #7 or 8 seed and that is the best they can hope for. Stoudemire plays like a 2 for $18M. Miami DESTROYED the Knicks in the first round. You would take all the young guys they traded for their old guys any day. Lin out of the D league for zero money, outplayed all their expensive guys...except for Melo. Melo is legit. He can hit THE shot and always will.The Knicks have zero draft picks for the foreseeable future they have a late 2nd rounder this year....they are a freaking mess.

You see what I'm saying? Ainge needs a superstar. He must trade for him as that is how it will be done. The Knicks are toast...their cap situation is a nightmare....Rondo would be back page of the NY Post twice a week all season...he'd take a swing at a ref and would rule NY for weeks at a time..Jeremy had books and movies about him and he played well for what? 3 freaking weeks?...Rondo has true star power...the Knicks aren't that bad..."they might be one player away". Rondo plus Green for Melo could be done for a million reasons, I say Ainge would take Melo for Rondo in a heart beat and the Knicks would die for Rondo...he would be HUGE in New York. The Knicks sans Melo with Rondo running the floor would be a better team. Would the Celtics be better? Not really, but, in the long run? Maybe.

The aftermath:

Bradley $1.3M

Pierce $16M

Anthony $18M

Big three? Not in anyway shape or form, but, a very good base for the assorted FA's and the "future superstar" 2 to 3 years down the road. Pierce eventually retires and Ainge is ready for the guy to combine with Carmelo that will beat Miami.

Think I'm crazy? Knicks Gm has nothing in front of him except for the #49 pick in the draft, zero cap room, a broken fire extinguisher and two superstars who don't play rings...Ainge is offering Rondo + Green + the #22 for Anthony and Harvard grad Jeremy Lin. Of course he's going to look at the deal. Is it a long shot? Duh. All these trade scenarios are long shots....look at the KG deal we traded like 6 guys for him and he didn't want to come here....far longer shot than the above.

If you are mad about Rondo trade talk....don't blame me, I told you to stop reading.

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