The ideal 10 man rotation for a well balanced team according to Doc Rivers and Popovich

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In order for the Celtics to contend next year, we have to build a balanced 10 man rotation. The San Antonio Spurs used this rotation successfully, but we were unable to due to injuries. Ignoring transcendental players, there are 10 unique positions that must be filled to have a balanced team. These 10 positions, if filled with enough talent, will give a team the greatest amount of versatility, while spreading the minutes out to conserve players. We have within our free agents every type we need in order to build a contender.

1. Point Guard. The point guard has the responsibility to run the offense. He has to decide who scores, when they score and how they score. The Spurs have Tony Parker. We have Rajon Rondo.

2. Combo Guard. The combo guard must be able to a) handle the ball b) pressure the ball. c) shoot d) bring energy and hustle. The Spurs have Gary Neal. We have Avery Bradley (a.k.a "The Weapon" -Tommy Heinson)

3. Shooting Guard. The shooting guard has to space the floor with his ability to score the basketball. The Spurs have Manu Ginobli. We have Ray Allen.

4. Swing-man. The swingman must be quick enough to guard shooting guards but strong and long enough to cover small forwards. They must be able to knock down threes and rebound. They allow the flexibility for a team to go small by playing the 3 or big by playing the 2. The Spurs have Danny Green. We have Mikael Pietrus.

5. Small Forward. Has to be able to do it all. Shoot, draw fouls, rebound, pass and play tough physical defense. The Spurs have Stephen Jackson. We have Paul Pierce.

6. Combo Forward. The combo forward has to be quick enough to defend small forwards but long and strong enough to defend 4s. hey allow the flexibility for a team to go small by playing the 4 or big by playing the 3. Must have the ability to post smaller 3s and out run 4's. The Spurs have Kawahi Leonard. We have Jeff Green. We missed him badly as Marvin Williams, Thad Young and Shane Battier killed us when Bass was forced to cover them.

7. Power Forward. Must be long with the ability to block shots, defend the pick-and-roll and rebound the ball. Must be able to score in the post against smaller players. Should also be able to knock down jumpers on pick and pop, and finish strong on pick and rolls. The one huge weakness of the Spurs (and Celtics). Duncan's (also KG) age moved him to the 5. They had no weakside shot blocker which allowed Westbrook, Harden and Durant to get to the rim. When they helped Ibaka, Collison and Perk killed them on lobs and dunks. Offensively they were great as they played Bonner who shot 3's. The Celtics were playing Chris Wilcox in this role. Wilcox is more of a combo big than a pure power forward. He's neither a great rebounder or shot blocker. But he was our best option since JaJuan Johnson (and later Sean Williams) were not ready. When he went down, we were forced to give his minutes to Ryan Hollins, but he could not score in the post or hold his position. Unless we pull off a trade for Josh Smith, this spot is up for grabs between Williams, Wilcox and Johnson.

8. Combo Big. Must be quick enough to guard 4's and defend the pick-and-roll, but also strong enough to push centers off the paint. Must be able to use strength to create space and finish strong under the basket against 4s but also drag centers away from the paint with their jumpshot. The Spurs had DeJuan Blair until they upgraded to Boris Diaw. We have Brandon Bass.

9. Quick Center. Mobile 7ft with a jump shot, post moves and shot blocking. Does not have to be as quick as 4's. Must be able to find cutting guards and open shooters from the post. The Spurs have Duncan. The Celtics have KG.

10. Power-Center. Big strong shot blocker and re-bounder. Must be able to foul hard, finish strong, make acceptable amount of free-throws. The Spurs have Tiago Splitter. We have Greg Stiemsma. Stiemsma is more of a quick center, so I think Danny is targeting Asik as an upgrade.

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