Maneuvering the offseason: Who's that missing piece?

The start will be more or less a week away from now, and I'm pertaining to the draft day. Yes, we have two picks in a (according to them) a very deep draft in so many years. Unlike other teams, this draft will be an important one to the C's. KG is in the verge of retiring, insiders say that Allen unlikely to comeback to C's, is this the end of the era?

Well for some reason after the Celtics lost to the eventual champions the Miami Heat, I really ponder of what will happen to my favorite team. Rumors come out everywhere, and as a fan you don't know what and when to believe. One of the first thing that came out is Bass opted out of his contract and whether you believe it or not, I was really happy with that news. With the new CBA and with all Bass contributed to this team, I don't think he is near to the raise he wants, meaning a contract (maybe a multi year) at above 4 million each year. Look, Bass has no post moves or go to moves, is undersized, doesn't rebound that much, would you still want me to continue? Let us just put it this way, with that 4 million I think you can sign a Beasley (as I don't believe the Wolves will make a qualifying offer to a player not in their plans for the future making him an unrestricted free agent) who is more athletic, more versatile, and also a shooter but not only in the mid range but extends up to the 3pt range. And yeah, he can also run with Rondo. Makes sense right?

I'm a bit torn with the case of Ray Allen. Emotions aside, I don't think he is worth the money that he will be paid in this season (which I predict will be about 6 million or higher). He is not only a shooter, but the greatest shooter of all time. Yes, I know that. But how can he create his own offense without a Rondo? I believe other teams over rate the idea of RayRay being a shooter to the C's. Because I think they are not realizing that not every team has a Rondo level PG or even just a passer at the very least to find a running Ray Allen to hit that dagger. We are lucky to have a Rondo to complement catch-and-shoot players like Bass and Allen, as other teams are not. It may seem easy to find the open man because the C's have Rondo, other teams will just realize it if they overpay Bass or Allen to their team. With all that, I believe the C's still need to let Allen stay with all means. It is chemistry that makes this team pumped up, and Allen not only contributes 3's, but most importantly, serves as one of the guys that binds the team together. If we will analyze the scenario, there is no way Allen will leave the C's. He says that he will only signs with a contender, meaning that team will most probably over the cap and can only offer the mini - MLE which could easily matched by the C's. Unless he will be overpaid or he is already the one who wants out, Allen will remain in green.

To sum up the team, I predict the C's will be more or less like this:

C - 13.49 million - Dorsey/WIlcox (Dorsey was rumored working out with the C's) - Williams (unguaranteed contract)

PF - Garnett (about 8 million) - White/Nicholson (White rumored a promise at pick 21) - Johnson

SF - Pierce - Green (about 5.5 million) - Pietrus (vet. minimum base on play last season/playoffs)

SG - Bradley - Allen (about 6 million) - Daniels (vet. minimum base on play last season/playoffs)

PG - Rondo - Moore (unguranteed contract) - Dooling (vet. minimum base on play last season/playoffs)

I also didn't include Stiemsma, as I believe will be overpaid by other teams. This is more or less, in my opinion, the worst case scenario team of the Celtics (not including the possibility of KG retiring or Allen going somewhere else) next season. I also agree that Royce White will be a good fit with the C's off the bench. He will run the offense of the second unit, a player that the C's lack for so many years. If Rondo sits, the C's offense becomes chaotic. He also contributes in rebounding, and with his penetrating skills, he can easily dish it out to his co-bench players who are mostly shooters (Moore, Allen and Green). With his good court vision, that will not be a problem. Sullinger will be the best case scenario with the 21st pick, as despite all his weaknesses I believe he will be groomed well in green. Remember our good 'ol pal Big Baby? Yeah, they are similar. But Sullinger has a better IQ, better jump shot (extending to 3pt range), better post moves, and better REBOUNDING. Although he is red-flagged, I believe he is worth the gamble. His skill set is the same of Kevin Love, not athletic and no hops, but good in rebounding and has a 3pt shot. Although Sullinger has a post move and Love has not. If Big Baby became a solid NBA player because of this team, what more to Sullinger? Let Danny decide with this.

Lastly, the 13.49 million. That 13.49 million is the remaining money to spend for free agents or a free agent. That 13.49 million will determine if the C's can still be Championship contenders, and eventually, a Champion. With the team I presented, it just leaves one roster spot at the very least to spend that money. That 13.49 million, is the missing piece.

That money is a near max money, also a near max level of player. A difference maker. May be a Center with superior rebounding which the C's lacked after Perk was traded, or a SG or SF who is a great scorer and closer, that the C's lacked in the playoffs, specifically in the last two games of the MIami series. The C's can acquire that player, through free agency or through a salary dump kind of trade. And it also may happen this draft day.

Just keep in mind, we have Danny Ainge and that's all about it. As a fan, you know what kind of mind he has.

You, you know who's the missing piece?

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