I wanted to leave a quick comment on how I think the Celtics can get considerably younger through this year's draft, which is loaded by the way, and remain competitive in the process without completely blowing things up and starting at zero. Here's my proposed plan:

Reports have been swirling that the Charlotte Bobcats aren't at all happy about losing out on the prospect of snagging Kentucky's Anthony Davis with with the consensus No.1 overall pick in this year's draft. Thus, it has been rumored that Bobcats are actively looking to trade out of that No.2 position in this year's draft. If that is indeed the case, then the Celtics can be a perfect dancing partner for the Bobcats. The Celtics can entice the Bobcats by offering 1) Paul Pierce, 2) Their own 21st overall pick in this year's draft, as well their 3) 1st round draft pick (assuming they have one) in next year's draft (2013), which more than likely won't be a lottery pick because the Celtics are still figured to be somewhat competitive, for Charlotte's No.2 pick in this year's draft. At which point, the Celtics would then select Kentucky's other standout star, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, who reminds me so much of a younger Dwayne Wade, with the No.2 overall pick, which would solidy Boston's backcourt for years to come assuming they decide to commit to Rondo for the long haul. What about Avery Bradley you ask? Since you asked, I feel at liberty to share the next part of the proposed plan with you:

After having pulled off that Blockbuster deal to get Michael Kidd-Gilchrist with the No.2 overall pick, the Celtics then turn around and make another splash in the first round by trading Avery Bradley, along with their own 22nd Overall Pick in this year's draft, as well as next year's second round draft pick (again, assuming they have one) to the Houston Rockets for the 14th or 16th overall pick in this year's draft. Since the Rocket's own both the 14th and 16th overall picks, respectively, in this year's draft, it has been rumored that they are currently looking to trade one of the picks away. At which point, the Celtics would then draft Kentucky's, Terrence Jones, who reminds me so much of a young Tracy MaGrady with that freakish athleticism of his, with either the 14th or the 16th overall pick, which would then solidy Boston's small forward of the future. Jones is projected to go anywhere from 9th to 17th according to most mock draft reports. So, it is a bit of a gamble; but one the Celtics should be willing to live with considering that you also need a bit of luck with these things.

I mentioned trading both Paul Pierce and Avery Bradley because they are without a doubt the most tradeable assets the Celtics have at this time. If the Celtics called any team and mentioned either of the those two, that team would listen if nothing else.

Thus, with this proposed plan, the Celtics would get considerably younger while continuing to remain competitive in an Eastern conference that figures to only get tougher with both Miami and Chicago continuing to get better as well.

The Celtics' starting line-up for next year would look something like this:
PG: Rajon Rondo
SG: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
SF: Terrence Jones
PF: Jeff Green (Needs to be re-signed)
C: Kevin Garnett (Will re-sign for one more year)

Thus, the future bodes well for the Celtics if Ainge is willing to pull the trigger on those two deals. Your thoughts?


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