My Mock 2012 6/26/12

Hey everyone.. so since I've been looking a a bunch of mocks and have a good feeling of whom teams are looking for I cargn up with my own. Obviously I'm a Celtics fan and you can see why but I hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment!!! As well as mocking the picks I will try and guess/predict their FIRST SEASON STATS (pts/rebs/ast/blk/stl) (not their career stats just the first year)

1. Hornets - A. Davis: Obvious pick, he will give this franchise a new face and the BROW will give this team life. First year stat line: 12pts - 9reb - 1ast - 2blk - 1.5stl

2. Charlotte - Michael Kidd-Gilchrist: Bobcats just traded Maggette for Ben Gordon + future 1st round pick. they need a lot of things but MKG reminds Michael of himself and his defense first mentality will be much needed. Stats: 14pts - 7rebs - 3 asts - 1blk - 1 stl

3. Wizards - B. Beal: Wiz get lucky and get the best SG available. With Beal+Wall and the addition of Nene+Ariza+Okafor they will be better than the Knicks mark my words!!! (I guess that's not saying much huh?) Stats: 16pts - 2rebs - 4asts - 0blks - 1.5 stls

4. Cavaliers – H. Barnes: Cavs don’t get Beal but the second best NBA ready scorer in Barnes. There are some who concider him a bust but as long as he’s not the number 1 option he will be fine. Stats: 15.5pts - 5rebs - 3 asts - 0.5blks - 1stl

5. Kings - T. Rex oops, Robinson: This guy should go higher but I'm going with need more than talent - sue me - but Robinson with Cousins and Thompson and whoever with be nice. Robinson will bring character something Kings need. Stats: 14pts - 9rebs - 1ast - 1.5blks - 1.5 stls

6. Blazers - Greg Oden A. Drummond: This guy with the right training staff will prosper but he is long away from that. Blazer's big man has two faiths - Oden who wasn't properly taken care of OR Sabonis who took his time and came to Portland when he was ready and finally learned English. Point is the Blazers should know what to expect and if they do it right he turns into a Championship building block. Stats: 6pts - 6rebs - 0asts - 2blks - 0.5stls

7. Warriors - Perry Jones III: I'm not sure who to pick, they need someone like Marshall but would need to trade down. I think PJ3 can help them though if they stay here. Just imagine Rashard Lewis and Anthony Randolph combined if it works out. Stats: 9pts - 6 rebs - 3 asts - 1blk - 1 stl: ----------- Warrior might not utilize him properly that's why his number's are low + not every rookie is going to score 10+ points thats just how it is.

8. Toronto - Damian Lillard: It's one surprise Lillard is the best pg in the draft and its also not a surprise Toronto need pg help. Perfect fit - this is the Bayless they were looking for. Stats: 19pts - 2rebs - 3 asts - 0.2 blks - 2stls

9. Detroit - J. Henson: Everything I've read about how much they need a defensive low post presence tells me Henson + Monroe will be together for a long time. (Ben + Rasheed Wallace v.2) Stats: 8pts - 9rebs - 1 ast - 2.5 blks - 1 stl

10. Hornets - M. Leonard: This guy is the most athletic White dude... okay just kidding but for a big he has a lot of potential and why not pair him with Davis who can teach and show him his KG ways. Stats 5pts - 7.5 rebs - 0 ast - 2blks - 0ast

11. Blazers - Dion Waiters: After going for a big with the first pick they will look for a pg/sg scorer. They can look elsewhere like Rivers/Lamb/Ross but Dion in my opinion has the most polished skills to replace Crawford off the bench if he leaves. Stats: 14pts - 2rebs - 3asts - 0blks - 1.5 stls

12. Bucks - T. Zeller: Bucks need a Center not a PF or PG or SG. Zeller will do a great job replacing Bogut. Stats: 11pts - 8 rebs - 3 asts - 1blk - 1stl

13. Suns - K. Marshall: With Nash as good as gone they need a pg of the future. These team look like the worst team next year. They did a horrible job of drafting and getting players and now their best player is Gortat with Nash out the door. If Nash returns and they still draft Marshall that would be a huge learning bridge. Stats: 8pts - 2rebs - 6asts - 0blks - 1stl

14. Rockets - T. Ross: Ross plays great D. has a nice shot, needs to improve creating his own shot but a great team player for Houston to replace Martin if he leaves. Stats: 12pts - 2rebs - 2 asts - 0.5blks - 1stl

15. 76ers - Sullinger: Philly need interior scoring or at least someone to create open perimeter shots especially if Brand leaves.Stats: 15pts - 5rebs - 3asts - 0.5blks - 0.5stls

16. Rockets - Moe Harkless: Rockets really think highly or this kid and they should only 19 years old this guy will be a defensive stud.. kind of like Bradley so dont let the stats fool you. Stats: 8pts - 6rebs - 1ast - 1blk - 1stl

17. Mavericks - Jeremy Lamb: I know I know how is this possible.. let it's my mock draft and I picks need first sorry for not being sorry. Think about this: he is 6'5 with 6'11 wingspan... wow. Lamb is a steal and they finally have they SG of the future instead of Carter or West. Stats: 13pts - 4rebs - 4asts - 1blk - 1stl


18. Rockets - M. Teague: There were rumors of them trading into the late first to get him and they still can do that but I'm just going to say for now they draft Teague since Lowrie's future is in the air.

19. Magic - Arnett Moultrie: This guy reminds me of a young C. Webb.. If he is anything close to that it's a steal and this pick is also Howard insurance in case he's traded.

20. Nuggets - T. Jones: This guy is a freak and I think he's the best available. To be real with Rivers still on the board, they should draft him but this is my mock :)

21. Celtics - A. Rivers: Like father like son, Rivers will be a future all star and with Rondo.. forget-about-it!!!

22. Celtics - Royce White: They say he has top 5 talent. Point Forward. anxiety problems which i think are overrated. this guy is great I just dont know if in 3 years he gets bored and starts a music label or opens his own casino.. he is a gamble but a good gamble

23. Hawks - A. Nicholson: With J. Smith's future not clear a safe pick like Nicholson not only give them security but a front court of Smith - Nicholson - Horford is a nice look

24. Cavaliers - T. Wroton Jr.: This guy is talented and a great pg or combo guard behind Erving. They could also go with Fab Melo but I feel like an NBA team should only be allowed to have one Brazilian big man.... is that wrong?

25. Memphis - Will Barton: With Wroten off the board they look to find a replacement for O.J. Mayo is case he gets traded.

26. Pacers - Q. Miller: Pacers need a to go to scorer and since they can't trade for one and already have a solid team that can challenge the Heat why mess it up. Miller in a few years can be their go to scorer but not next year. With time behind Granger - Paul his game will only excel

27. Heat - Fab Melo: This is a great pick for the Heat if he falls this far. They now have a defensive big down low and with Bron - Wade - Bosh.. Melo's job is to block shots and rebound and giving young players less responsibly only excels their productivity.

28. Thunder - J. Taylor: Their next step is to find someone that can guard Bron in the Finals. I'm not saying Taylor is the answer for them to win it all but defense + an outside shot is what they need.

29. Bulls - J. Jenkins: "Best shooter in college" I keep hearing that so it is destined . .. D. Lamb would be a good fit also in Thibodeau's defensive system.. just sayin'

30. Warriors: Tyshawn Taylor: With Curry's ankle a concern, Taylor a speedy pg will be an asset. Even with Curry on the floor, I think they can play they together and maybe ship Nate-Rob out of town and save some money... who knows..

Well that took longer than I thought.. I'm too tired.. i will not proof read but enjoy and please feel free to comment.!

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