What will Danny do? He will play possum.....

As he said himself, this is the most complex off season roster build he has ever done. He wanted flexibility...he has bunches of it.

The draft is relatively simple...try like hell to move up. Make believe you like some guy. Work out the guys you don't really want...etc....Belichick had dinner with Tebow on draft night....You know? Possum.

Danny is s solid evaluator. He knows who might translate and will pick two good guys. Will one of them be raining threes down on the Heat next year? Maybe not, but, I contend that one of this year's draftees will be a contributor sooner rather than later. Lukewarm enough for ya? Danny doesn't have a top 5 so welcome to lukewarm or Luke Harangody..whatever.










The point here is who does Ainge like...not who do you like. One thing we learned in the NFL, stop watching highlight reels of your favorite player against anyone but the best competition. Belichick did not spend hours watching his potential draftees making sparkling plays against creampuffs, he watched the Alabama LSU game film a whole lot. 90% of the high light reels on youtube don't really show you anything about the player. My point? Danny's got a leg up on ya. He actually knows if the guy is any good.

Ainge wants to know who is big enough, smart enough, played against the best competition, might have killer upside and is athletic enough to become an asset he can trade for Kevin Love some day..ok...ok, I was just dreaming there, be cool now. Who on the above list is an "Ainge kinda guy?"

Glenn Davis

Avery Bradley

Jeff Green

Why did Ainge like these three guys? Don't make it complicated with deals and trades and conditions. Ainge picked these three players....why?

Baby played big in big games for LSU and is BIG. He could fight with NBA bigs at the 4 and 5 and survive and he still does. He had the size, scoring ability, athletic ability and had excelled in big games against top competition.

Avery Bradley helped lead his Texas team with shooting and athletic ability. He showed defensive ability. He played hard on the ball which is a Celtics thing. He showed leadership which you need in the back court. I assume Ainge was hoping he could develop into Rondo's back up. Bradley is QUICK...not all small guys are quick like AB. This was an "upside" play. Cheaper than a FA right?

Jeff Green is big enough and athletic enough. He played against the best competition in college and excelled. Kentucky plays a harder schedule than Baylor...right? Do you need to think about it? The Kentucky bench, man for man might be better than most of the best school's starters. Georgetown plays in the Big East. How many nights off did Green have playing for the Hoyas? The Big east tournament? Are you kidding me? "Ok guys...all we have to do is beat Syracuse tonight for a shot at UCONN....Ok coach, sounds great!"

Here are three guys who are Ainge kinda guys...sort of.

White - Big enough to play in the NBA. Hung 18 on Kansas twice this year. Enough intangibles to justify a 20 something pick. The airplane thing is flipping me out. 80 to 90 flight's a year? He doesn't like planes? Wouldn't fly to a work out up here? So let's just say he is an Ainge kinda guy who won't fly to the games....all righty then.

Taylor - Played very well against Kentucky twice a season. Kind of a 2. Smart, experienced senior. Ranked in the mid 20's. Ain't gonna be defending Lebron any time soon, but, who the hell is?. Plays hard on D. Good on court leader. Exploded from 3 a couple of times. maybe a #25 or so. Trade down?

Miller - Skinny forward...don't we have one of those? Had two good games against Mizou. 19 years old 6'9" developmental guy. "Starting for the Red claws at forward..." Tons of upside.

Ross - Great shooter...looks like a 2...played in the PAC. Did a PAC team get in the tournament? Did the PAC have a tournament this year? Did I say this guy is a great shooter? Seriously, a shooter from this draft would be great and Ross is a bomber.

Frankly, I will be shocked if any of the above actually happens. Ainge always picks a guy, puts a Celtics hat on him and then flips him for someone else that he's been coveting since Jr. high.

The issue would be this. From #9 to #25 it's about the same, thus, choose the guy you want at #21 or whatever and remember it is a lot harder to dunk in the NBA than it is to dunk against a bench guy from the Horizon conference. Danny knows stuff about these guys that we don't want to's all about playin' possum.

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