Ish Tov's 2/3 Full 2012 NBA Mock Draft

1. New Orleans - Anthony Davis - If this pick is wrong, the whole system of internet mock drafts needs to be called into question.

2. Charlotte - Michael Kidd Gilchrist - Getting Ben Gordon for Corey Maggette clears up the 3 spot for MKG. No one seems to picking MKG here, but he seems to have great fire. The only knock on him is that he doesn 't have a jump shot. But Jordon developed his after college and may think MKG can do the same.

3. Washington - Bradley Beal - Great shooter to pair with Wall.

4. Cleveland - Andre Drummond - Paired with Irving, Cleveland now has a great, young 1/5 combo. Drummond's stock seems to be slipping, so this pick could be way off. But I feel like they don't want to put Barnes in the position of having to be the next Lebron.

5. Saramento - Thomas Robinson - Best player availabe for them.

6. Portland - Damian Lilliard - Portland needs a point guard.

7. Golden State - Harrison Barnes - Best player available, and the buzz is that Golden State is looking for a 3.

8. Toronto - Austin Rivers - There's been a lot of buzz around Rivers, but I think it's real. People respect you when you come from a good family. Being Doc's son helps him move up.

9. Detroit - John Henson - Athletic big that should compliment Monroe.

10. New Orleans - Meyers Leonard - He and Anthony Davis will be their young twin towers. This move protects Davis so that he will play most of his minutes at the 4.

11. Portland - Arnett Moultrie - Portland wants a big to go with LaMarcus Aldridge. I think with Moultrie here over Tyler Zeller because of his athleticism.

12. Houston - Dion Waiters - People seem to have him moving up draft boards like crazy, not sure why.

13. Phoenix - Jeremy Lamb - They are already full of 3s and 4s. Lamb is probably the best non-forward available.

14. Milwaukee - Tyler Zeller - Gives them a poor man's Andrew Bogut who traded away this past season.

15. Philadelphia - Perry Jones - Philly needs a #1 go to scorer. Not sure if Jones is this guy, but he seems to have the "upside" to develop in that direction. And with Elton Brand in the last year of his deal, Perry Jones could step up in his second season next year and give them more of offensive fire power.

16. Houston - Moe Harkless - Why does it feel like Houston is going to fall short of trading for Dwight Howard and up with 8 first round picks by the end of the night? j/k

17. Dallas - Terrence Ross - With Jason Kid and Terry being free agents, and Dallas making a run at Deron Williams, a wing make sense here.

18. Houston - Andrew Nicholson - Good stretch the floor with his shooting big for Houston. Rumors say the Celics want him, but I don't think he makes it to 21.

19. Orlando - Marquis Teague - With the possibility of Jameer Nelson opting out, and his trouble bringing the ball up against pressure (exhibit A: Avery Bradley), Orlando gets their point guard of the future.

20. Denver - Jared Sullinger - Very NBA ready player. Denver wants to continue to make noise in the west without having to develop a really green rookie.

21. Boston - Terrence Jones - Whether Garnett comes back really shouldn't affect Boston's draft plans too much. If KG comes back, it is probably only for one season. And most picks in this range don't really start to make an impact until there second or third season.

22. Boston - Jeffrey Taylor - The Celtics add a lot of youth to their aging (and full of free agents) front court with these two picks. These guys could compliment Rondo and Bradley nicely for years to come.

I guess that's all I have time for. I need to get this out before the draft starts.

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