How the Celtics Should Pitch their Team to Free Agents

Every free agent class is different. Some have LeBron's and Wade's and some may only have a role player has their best player. But a quality pitch is everything to getting that player to come to the Boston Celtics. The following situation may not actually happen, but it would be cool to see what the Celtics would do with a good player that they are interested in.

Situation: Let's say Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett leave this summer. All the rest of the bench players (Pietrus, Greg, etc.) stay this summer. We will say it is Eric Gordon or O.J. Mayo, but just because they may the better wing players in this free agency.

The first thing to capture the player in the to talk about the talent of the current roster.

Paul Pierce- Paul is still going to be a key factor for our team. He is going to be able to take the pressure off you and allow you to get freed up and open the floor. If your trapped, Pierce will be there to assist you so you don't have to take every shot.

Rajon Rondo- This guy is one of the best point guards in the NBA. His double figure total of points and assists pretty much every game will really help you and the rest of the team out. Rondo is a "pass first' point guard and, if your open, the ball will be coming out to you for a hopefully open jump shot many times throughout the game.

Avery Bradley- He will take the best player on defense, and that will help conserve your energy throughout the game and throughout the season. Your not gonna have to come in and cover Kobe or Wade for 35 minutes each night.

Bass, Pietrus, Dooling- These fellas will take a lot of pressure off you and the rest of the star players during the season. Bass is excellent down low and Dooling/Pietrus will both shoot the 3 and could also beat you off the dribble as they have showed in the 2012 playoffs.

Doc Rivers- There is a reason every team comes calling for Doc. It is because he is the best coach in the NBA. You will become a better player and your improvement here on the Celtics will help your value and brand.

You can't not talk about the tradition of this team to a potential player.

Famous players who have played here- Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, Larry Bird, Havlicek, Bill Walton, McHale, Parish, Garnett, Pierce and Ray Allen.

Coaches- Doc Rivers, Heinsohn and Red.

Championships- 17 banners (hopefully 18!...but who knows...)

Lastly, what a great sports town!

Massachusetts- Over 6.5 million people. Basketball Hall of Fame.

Boston- Home of some the greatest athletes in USA history.

Fans- You win, they attend. You stink at the end of playoff games, they cheer "Let's go Celtics! Let's go Celtics!"

Hopefully you chose the Boston Celtics in your pick. No other team has the continuing talent that we do (Rondo, Bradley, Pierce, etc.), the tradition the no other team can match (17 titles), and the city/state that we play in along with the fans that support us!


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