Summer league breakdown..Who is trade bait? Answer revealed here

This is summer league not training camp. Good opportunity to improve and basically a "scouting festival" for bench and developmental guys.

Agenda? Danny needs a chip or two...does he have any?

Who will be in camp?

Non trade bait:

Sully gets day off might be the 7 guy off the bench in the regular trade here.

Joseph sort of gets day off (7 minutes) his numbers:

26 minutes in 4 games

11 points

7 rebounds

I think he's going to camp and then Red Claws. Played really well...great IQ. Great fight. Early call up candidate. How does he make the team now? Borderline.

Fab Melo is a developmental guy or he is so good they are just sitting him. They are not going to trade him as he is not getting minutes in summer he got 20 mins first 4 games averaged 10 mins.

16 avg minutes no showcase here

7 rebs

2 pts

Is this guy a Red Claw? Seems raw. D league.

Trade Bait:

They are showcasing Moore and Johnson. They are trade bait. They have the most minutes of anyone on the team.

If Moore remains, he's in the mix with Rondo and Jet before AB gets back and hits the Red Claws if they get Courtney Lee....

Moore in 5 games...

Avg 26 minutes second only to Johnson

PTS 15.4

Reb 2

Assists....well....not that many really...but..look at the point production! 2.6 assists.

JJJ? Well he's getting better. He has the body and the shot....king of the summer league minutes...

Avg 28 minutes


Rebs 6

Tired index? 9 out of 10

If he is not traded, off to Maine or sit on bench and average 2 minutes?...Maine.

Wildman..I mean "wild card"

DIonte Christmas gets the surprise of the summer league prize with another gigantic 21pts/5rbs game. In 5 games:

Avg 26 minutes

PTS 14.6

Reb 5.2

The man wants it. Needs one of those "I will play basketball for food" signs around his neck.

They are giving him tons of minutes...just about as many as anyone else on the team.He is getting the LOOK and deserves it. Camp and then? Red claws until an injury call up? Trade bait? I don't think they own him, thus, all of these minutes are about keeping him around somehow with the 16 other twos they already got. We need this guy so the Globe can write..."Christmas lights up Garden off bench..." and that kinda attention grabbing headline stuff.

Williams? Do you think Doc is comfortable with Williams on the floor?

Joseph and Christmas had the best five games. Sully ran hot cold, but he is in anyway. Moore third best. Ainge/Celtics bought the Red Claws right? They need guys down in Maine and looks like they have some good ones.

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