Danny Trying To Be Creative: May Trade For Jason Terry

getting creative

Jason Terry is going to be a Boston Celtic. It is just a matter of when and how. The Celtics can sign him with their mid-level exception. That's what was reported and it is the simplest way to get it done. However, if Danny wants to be creative, then he's got options. If he can get Dallas to agree to a sign and trade, that opens up the ability for the Celtics to use the MLE on someone else (like say, O.J. Mayo or Courtney Lee).

First, the news from Dallas.

Don’t panic, holdups with Kaman, Collison and Terry are not signs of trouble | Dallas Mavericks Blog

In regard to outgoing players, Jason Terry still hasn’t signed with Boston, but that deal has been agreed upon. Apparently, the only holdup is whether the Mavericks can figure out a way to sign-and-trade Terry rather than simply losing him in free agency for nothing. It might be a way to get Terry a few more dollars, and it might net the Mavericks a second-round draft pick or something like that for the future. Either way, it won’t stop the departure of Terry. He’s a Celtic. It’s just a matter of how that deal gets completed.

So the Mavs are looking to get something. Is it as simple as a 2nd round pick? Not really according to Red's Army.

A sign-and-trade for Terry is a brilliantly simple cap move for Boston | Red's Army - The Voice of Boston Celtics Fans

It may take more than just the pick to acquire Terry. I may have been confused about the mechanisms of the trade that would get him to Boston. One possible scenario would be sending Dooling out in a sign-and-trade, cash out (the Celtics have up to $3 million to send out in a trade) to pay for the deal, Sean Williams (unguaranteed contract) and the 2nd round pick. Still not giving up much, but you gain that flexibility.

I have no issues with that plan. Dooling wouldn't seem to be in the plans (unless he wants an assistant coaching gig and Sean Williams isn't a good bet to make the team. I would love to send them our own pick instead of the one we got in the OKC/Jeff Green decision by the NBA, but we'll see.

So perhaps those reports on our interest in Lee and Mayo were not so far fetched after all. Should be an interesting few days.

FYI: Mayo emerges as Suns’ top option | HOOPSWORLD | Basketball News & NBA Rumors

Mayo’s agent said last week that the Rockets, Bulls, Celtics and Bobcats could be in the running for the four-year veteran. The Grizzlies declined to make a qualifying offer to Mayo and retain refusal rights, shifting Mayo’s status from restricted free agent to unrestricted.

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