Top 5 Celtics (Players/Coaches) Who Could be American Idol Judges.

We have recently heard about the departure of both J-Lo and Steven (stephen?) Tyler, so I thought that, since the Celtics are just SO good, we could put them in the chairs for judging purposes. And yes, #1 is so obvious...

1) Kevin Garnett- Imagine the amount of little pictures saying "American Idol" right in front of KG's mouth. He has so many interesting things to say, and he tends to pick on the European players a lot. So if a Euro tries to come onto AMERICAN Idol, then we all know what KG might say... "**** **** **** ****". And in Big Baby's case, he likes to make people cry.

2) Doc Rivers- I think Doc would be the one guy to compare every single performance to a basketball reference. "You have about as much of a chance of winning this competition as Greg Oden has a chance of actually being the age he says he is." "You voice went so high, it was almost as bad as KG trying to play on a half way broken knee."

3) Mickael Pietrus- I am not 100% what his accent is, but I love it. It's so great.... That's really all I have to say about this man.

4) Bryan Doo- Everybody knows this guy, and if you don't, go become a Houston Rockets fan. He is one of those guys who wants to be loved by everyone, and will say everything nice at all times. Kind of reminds me of Paula Abdul... (After the worst performance of all time), "That was amazing!". Yeah Bryan, go ahead, become the new Paula.

5) Rajon Rondo- Well Rondo is known to not get along with all of his teammates and coaches. He would be one of those guys who disagrees with everything his former judges would say. It would be one heck of a rollar coaster.

A little sample of if all 5 were judges.

KG: Oh man, that was ******* amazing. Your American, I can't pull a Jose Calderon on you. Nice!

Doc: Your what Scal is to the Celtics as your singing is to America. A hero.

Pietrus: Ehh...

Doo: Can I have your phone number dude? Actually... America, vote for me! 1-800-Idol-Doo.

Rondo: KG, your wrong. Doc, I was the one who made Scall good. Now give me a Max contract. Pietrus, who talk English? Doo, you meant 1-800-Idol-Poo.

3 Celtics who barely missed the cut:

Paul Pierce

Danny Ainge

Fab Melo

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