Pat Riley- Slick Salesmen / How long will Ray's honeymoon in Miami Last ?

Pat Riley must be putting on one heck of a presentation.

Riley got Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis happy to play for the Heat for
less money . .
less playing time . . .
and less shots per game,

I wonder if Pat forgot to mention during his presentations.

I'm sure they were swayed with dreams of winning multiple championships . . .
from the bench.

Ray Allen, averaged 10.7 shots per game with the Celtics last year,
will probably not get more then 6 shots per game in Miami next year.

The stats do not lie, last year the 4 starters for the Heat took a whopping 59.9 shots per game,

out of a total of 76 shots per game for the team that leaves 16.1 shots per game for the rest of the team.

2012 Heat Regular Season

James: 21.8 Shots per game
Wade: 18.5 Shots per game
Bosh: 10.6 Shots per game
Chalmers: 9.0 Shots per game

Total: 59.9 shots per game for above 4 players
Heat Total Average : 76 shots per game

Total: 16.1 shots per game for rest of HEAT team

2012 Celtics Regular Season

Pierce: 14.6 Shots per game

Garnett: 13.0 Shots per game
Brandon Bass: 10.7 Shots per game
Rajon Rondo: 10.8 Shots per game

Total: 49.1 shots per game for above 4 players

Celtics Total Average: 77.1 shots per game

Total: 28 shots per game for rest of CELTICS team

Ray Allen: 10.7 Shots per game

Compare the stats from Celtics & Heat last year, the numbers do not lie.

The question is, will Ray Allen be happy with less playing time and less shots per game,
just for a chance to win another title?
I think not,

Ray is a proud player, and does not want to be a passenger, like Juwan Howard last season,
and don't know how long Ray will be happy, taking a backseat ride on the Lebron James Express,
but one fact is for sure, Ray Allen will not be taking 10.7 shots per game in Miami.

Ray left Boston for several reasons, one of which was a lack of feeling involved in the offense.
Will Ray Allen be watching from the bench at the end of close games ?

With the Celtics, Doc Rivers always had Ray Allen in final minutes of close games over Bradley,
like the old saying goes, it doesn't matter who starts the game,but who finishes games that counts!

The Celtics were a few ref whistles away from knocking off the Heat in the playoffs
Riley, James and Wade realize that. Did the Heat sign Ray Allen to make their team better
or just to widen the gap with the Celtics, and have Ray Allen ride the pine in Miami for the next 3 years.

Like a drunken night of pleasure, will Ray Allen wake up and realize this was a mistake . . .
too late, signed for rest of my career.

Or would another championship ease the pain of losing shots and playing time.

Yes, Pat Riley is a heck of a salesman, but maybe before you buy what he's selling,
you need to read between the lines, check the fine print and open your eyes.

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