Bucks beat C's 88-87 Christmas Jaws with Lamb

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New look summer league Celtics battled the Bucks to a final shot in 5 seconds. The play went to Sullinger, he got double teamed and threw it up for a miss.

Lively game, but, ugly. Like summer leagues past. Decent defense by Celtics 33% from the floor...I have never seen so many shots hit the rim and bounce to a defender...the bucks had 30 defensive rebounds.

Sullinger paid the bills with 16 points and 11 rebounds. He was cold shooting 3 for 13 but, 10 for 12 from the line. He is a good free throw shooter. His assorted hooks and fall always are not so much. Doc said he does not need him to score he needs him to rebound and he has an excellent sense there with just about 10 per game in SL. Doc also quoted as liking his passing. Since the Celtics now have so much firepower on the O maybe Sully will just pass it to them? Better yet, get fouied. Not a leaper, but he works for a living.

Joseph is shooting 32% or so in SL. Not a 3 point guy. Plays very solid D. He got 11 against the Bucks 3 for 11 from the floor.

Fab matched his 2 points with 2 rebounds in 23 minutes. Tie game with a minute and change he took a 15 footer that he wishes he had passed to someone else. We shall see what Danny does with Melo. Not getting too many minutes in SL Wondering if they are keeping an eye on a sore knee or something.

Jamar Smith hits for 16 proving that 6'3" 191 lb 2's exist in this day and age. Good ball handler...shoots the three doesn't like to pass which, I guess, makes him a two. Rivers has stated that he "love's" the way Smith plays. He played PG last night because.....

Dionte Christmas was busy at the two with 17 pts, 7 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 steals. He decided to take over the game in the fourth quarter and Doron Lamb, mister fancy schmancy first rounder complete with a real contract and everything flipped our own SL superstar some sh%$. Christmas tried to give Lamb a present but the refs got in the way. That's right gentlemen, fights in summer league. Doc stated in the TV interview that Christmas will be in camp. I still say he plays with some TA death wish. He does not want to go back to Europe and he can't go back to Temple where he is the 4th leading all time scorer for the Owls.

Brackins at 6'10" 230 likes to shoot threes going 3 for 7 with 15 points 6 rebounds last night. This Cyclone has D league written all over him, Seems like an Ok player though.Gibson let Smith have the con against the Bucks, maybe he starts at PG tomorrow?

Looks like Smith and Christmas in camp with this years draft picks.

We need Dionte on the team so we can make all of the stupid holiday references when he does good stuff in games, which is often.

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