Game of odd-man out: Brandon Bass

Hey guys I need your thoughts on this one.

"Marc J. Spears: While Celtics free agent Brandon Bass interested in re-signing, Pacers, Nets, Mavs, Heat (sign and trade), Knicks and Hawks intrigued too. Twitter"

Well I know most of you have already seen this news. So far, only Allen and Bass are the remaining Celtic free agents that the management awaits as regards to their decision of leaving or going back home in green. Green is likely to resign, while we have a new family member in Terry. I want to believe that Allen would be back, and I certainly hope he would. Odds are in the C's favor, but until he is not officially signed let's still cross our fingers that Allen would go back. And now to Bass. No offense to him but I believe he is the odd man out for this team. If he picked up his 4M player option, I think his talent would be appropriate with his salary. But because of a playoff showing which I believe he cannot do on a consistent basis, I believe the projected 6.25M+ salary per season is too much for him. He is undersized, no go-to move, got no nose for rebounds. He has a really great jump shot, but I don't think that compensated all his incapacities. As a conclusion, I believe it is better for him to be sign-and-traded.

It's a win-win situation actually for both parties. He earns his big payday, and the Celtics get something in return. The C's have too many PF's who are younger and with a better upside like Sullinger, Johnson, and possible Williams and Wilcox. Bass is a role player and you would not pay a role player with that kind of money. I bet Sullinger, could even surpass the production and contribution of Bass to this team not to mention that he is still on a rookie contract. The same is true with Johnson, Wilcox, and Williams. If Bass leaves, the rooks would be given a chance to prove themselves and develop. Bass is a starting PF in this team, and with that kind pf position you should be physical underneath the basket to grab some rebounds and compensate the age of KG with energy and physicality. Well, unfortunately that is not the result. Although he makes a good and consistent mid range shooting, still, that is not his role but Paul's. What we need to his position is rebounding, defensive intensity, and blocking to intimidate opponents to penetrate. As we've seen, That has been the C's weakness in the Heat series, eaten alive by James and Wade (and Chalmers. ugh) by penetrating care free to the basket, it's all because they have no defensive presence that would block opponents away from the basket. We were also outrebounded, well uhh, there's actually nothing new with that. Don't get me wrong, KG is a defensive prescence underneath, but his age limits him from too much physicality. It is better that KG would have a partner whom he will bark to go to the right position in defense and command him to block the players' shot and be the one to absorb the physicality away from KG. Sweet isn't it?

Spears' tweet, a very reliable source, would be my point of reference of whom would be the possible player that the C's could target for Bass.

Pacers - Hansbrough?

Mavs - Haywood? Mahinmi?

Heat - ...

Knicks - Chandler? (wishful thinking)

Hawks - Josh Smith? (before the Johnson and Williams trade I believe it was possible, but now? He is happy with Ferry, time to move on)


First of all, I would like to say that I am not a Humphries fan. All I know about him is that he is the ex of one of the Kardashians and that's about it. But I was intrigued, and only to find out that this player averaged 11.0 RPG last season , good for fifth in the whole NBA and tied with Demarcus Cousins. Also averaged 1.19 BPG, good for Top 35 in the league, 19.6 efficiency per game, good for top 25 in the league, and had 29 double-double good for top 10 in the league. No wonder he is averaging in double double with 13.8 PPG and 11.0 RPG. Stats don't lie, and that's all about it. I know he is with a weak rebounding mate in Brook Lopez, but who cares? He still rebound in double figures against teams with dominant frontcourts like the Magic and Lakers as you can see here: He also runs, which is important to maximize the run and gun of Rondo. If Bass was turned into a good defensive player by KG in just one season, how much more with a quicker and better footwork in Humphries? The Nets wouldn't resign Humphries because of all their trades and signings in the past week, and they are also interested in Bass, I don't know what should be the next in that line. Hump will probably command about 8-9M while Bass would command 7-8M. I don't know if that's accurate, but if Ainge is interested let's wait if he pulls the trigger. A good move that will maintain KG at the center, but will not jeopardize the C's rebounding and defense in the PF position.

Ainge, your'e doing great. keep it up.

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