Jeff Green or Bass

I'm not looking to write anything of great length or depth but I did want to address the different potential rotations and team rosters that people have been posting. For instance:

PG: Rondo/ Jason Terry/ Dooling

SG: Avery Bradley/ Jason Terry/ Pietrus / possibly Allen

SF: Pierce/ Jeff Green/ Pietrus

PF: Garnett/ Bass/ Sullinger

C: ?/Stiemsma/ Melo

While the speculation is fun, I think the starting line-up may be pretty much revealed at this point based on the recent agreement and purported offer sheets leaking out through various sports media outlets.

Considering the second half of last season, is there any reason to think KG won't be the starting center? That seems like a no-brainer. The only match-up problem would be Dwight Howard, but he's a problem no matter who plays at center. If you want to compete with teams like Miami and OKC- and these are the teams Boston would most likely have to play to contend for a championship- who rely on fast, physical small-ball (and whose centers are Bosh or Perkins) Garnett at the 5 is a wash, if not an advantage. As a result, I think DOC plays Jeff Green at the starting 4 like he was used in Oklahoma. He's taller than Bass, rebounds at a comparable rate, has a similar mid-range game that would be effective in the Rondo pick-and-pop, may be better at spreading the floor than Bass with his three point range, and is more capable of guarding a player like Lebron James, who uses speed at the PF position.

I like Bass and his work ethic, but he was a liability in the Miami series on defense against Lebron or their stretch shooters like Battier. He deserves a good contract, but probably not with the Celtics. Unless he takes on a reserve role- and Sullinger seems a perfect fit for the back-up PF- I can't see giving Bass several years above the MLE. Especially with KG and Terry getting three-year deals and Pierce's contract situation.

With that said, I think it its paramount that Danny resign Pietrus, pursue Allen if possible, and use the remaining available cap to get a really good bench player/ team chemistry guy to shore up the front-court. Maybe Camby for the mini-mid level (if they still have it) or a back-up small forward. Most-likely via a Bass sign-and trade. Maybe they'll also pick up Wilcox on the veterans minimum for added depth. Regardless, this teaming is shaping up to be better than this past seasons' and I'm already excited for what Ainge and Doc can finish putting together.

So, keeping to blog potential-roster-posting-form, this is how I envision Boston's starting line-up:


Bradley or Allen


Jeff Green


Filling in the rest of the pieces and rotation is the fun part. A Terry/Camby (or some other key singing) off the bench is a pretty exciting prospect. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next iteration of the Celtics' roster- not too different but potentially much better.

Happy 4th of July, everyone. Onward to BBQ.

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