Veteran Allen seems like forcing D. Ainge to use the Bird Rights on him...

His (Allen's) wager of playing the 'waiting game' is somewhat slowly giving him the reward he desires. Is this just a ploy or connivance of the big 3 and the management to obscure the other contenders of their true intentions or simply just a fact that Ray's looking for security? Nevertheless, it is becoming obvious now that he weighs more to Danny and the Celtics franchise because the hyped, younger Green is still struggling for his asking price at $10M/yr. It seems like Danny will be ultimately forced to invoke, not just the MLE, but the 'Bird Rights' to acquire him (Allen) for at least $12M/yr (with non-trade clause), which leaves him some $8M before he exceeds the $74M Luxury Tax Threshold and still has 2 bodies to fill to complete their 15-man roster. Let's take a look at their current payroll:

PG Rondo 6'1" $ 10.50M
Terry (PG/SG) 6'2" $ 5.00M
Moore 6'4" $ 0.50M
SG Bradley 6'2" $ 1.52M
SF Pierce 6'7" $ 15.33M
Joseph 6'7" $ 0.50M
PF Bass 6'8" $ 6.70M
Williams 6'10" $ 0.05M
Sullinger 6'9" $ 1.10M
JJJ 6'10" $ 1.00M
C KG 6'11" $ 11.30M
Melo 7'0" $ 1.00M
TOTAL Payroll $ 54.50M
Soft Salary Cap $ 58.04M
Luxury Tax Level $ 74.01M

PP and KG want Allen. Doc wants Allen. Danny wants Allen. The franchise wants Allen. The community wants Allen. The Boston Game wants Allen. Danny is obviously in a stalemate with Green because he is just too much of a health risk at $10M/yr. Yes, I believe they do have the money to exceed the Tax Threshold with 3 more positions to fill - inclusive of the possibility of granting Allen his Bird Rights.

I'm in the impression that Doc loves Williams and Danny will retain him, and most probably start him at the PF position. Danny wouldn't gamble waiving or releasing Moore and JJJ, in hopes of gaining some cap room, because what if they are not picked up by any team? Their salaries will remain in their payroll and worse, they've just lost 2 roster positions which they can't possibly replace on time because they're still pursuing Allen.

OK Bass stays, but let's face it, he is undersized at the PF spot (offense and defense-wise), but he is as fast and as mobile as PP and a bit longer. It's fortunate that Doc has a full 4 months if he opts to accomplish re-tooling him (Bass) and re-position him as a combo SF/PF. So, there are no reasons...

1. That he should not be a better, faster stretch defender off the pick/s,

2. That he should not be an effective off-the-pick, QUICK-RELEASE, mid-range perimeter jumpshooter like Hamilton and take advantage of his 50% FG shooting, and

3. That he should not have some shake-and-bait, up-and-under post-up moves like PP to effectively fetch fouls and take advantage of his 82% FT shooting percentage.

With all that said, who's the best 3 players you can think of to complete their 2012-13 roster? How much will each gonna cost?

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