Adjusting: Jason In, Ray Out

Jason Terry is a perfect compliment to this Celtics team ... in character, pride, talent, ability, and unselfishness.

Yes, I am going to miss Ray - I loved the guy and his game, but Terry is the same kind of player, and younger, and I think he will thrive in a Rondo-led and Doc-coached offense.

Terry is clearly one of the best sixth-men in the entire NBA, and his personality and game are perfect for us ... he's the kind of player that Doc adores, and the kind of guy who will be nothing but positive on the floor and off, and a great mentor for AB and the kids coming in.

Ray's gone, and it sucks, but let's move on and focus on the positives, and relish the good things that are taking place, (and the way Bradley will shut Ray down defensively, and Jason will drain tres in his face).

There's nothing we can do about what's transpired, and while Ray's departure leaves a bad taste in my mouth, I honestly think we will be a better team for it in the long run.

No more head issues worrying about how he felt coming off the bench, (it clearly affected his game) ...

No personality issues with Rondo, (there was a rift developing) ...

No concerns with him leaving at a time in the future when we may have had less of an opportunity to adjust to it ...

No chance of Avery feeling like he's stepping on anyone's toes ...

No age issues or recurring bone spur problems, (it's generally chronic at his age) ...

No real loss on the defensive side of the floor ...

No issues with having to stroke a "superstar's" ego by giving him minutes better suited to Bradley ...

And a good deal more money to spend on making this team stronger in the years to come.

It's done ... it stinks ... there it is.

But this team just improved as a result, and if you don't feel so now, I'd bet a bundle that you will ...


Ray's gone, Jason's here, and the more I think about it, the better I feel.

Life is good, and it's Ray's loss, IMHO ... I truly believe that time will bear that out.

The Big Three, (Paul, KG and Rondo), are still intact, and the future is very bright.

Go Celtics!

(Remind you of anyone?).

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