With Ray Gone.. Who to focus on.!?!

Okay, we all heard the news of Ray taking his talents to South Beach. It's hard to be heart broken when it was talked about for weeks.

I'm over it and you should too. They are plenty of spot up 3 point shooters in the NBA.. none like Allen but that is out of our hands. With what Ray does for a team, there are a lot of things he can't do. Maybe he's knee will be better, but his one on one defense is now below average, can't run like he used to on the fast breaks and has a hard time finishing at the rim when contested. So he is now just a 3 point specialist.. We can find another and hopefully someone who can do more and will do more.

I'm not going to give you a starting 5 or bench players.. not much uncertainty, but I will talk about players I think would fit our system and would work out to replace Allen.. Also I think we are still in need of a Big.. i mean someone that is a Center.. not a power forward that can play center. Our main needs now are ****SG and C****

The fact that would were about to offer Allen 2yrs/ 12 mil means we can still use that money..

Starting with SG's that are still available and would help us out. No particular order...

1. Mickael Pietrus - with a training camp and a year under his belt, he should be more comfortable in his role.

2. Courtney Lee - a great defender who can stretch the floor, like he did in Orlando. He didn't play as well in Houston because his minutes were inconsistent and he tried to do too much.

3. Josh Howard - Ainge has always had his eye on Howard, maybe this is the year it happens.

4. Jodie Meeks - Another young player who can stretch the floor, great 3 point shooter!

5. Danny Green - Great defender at the 1, 2 or 3 at times. Shot .436 from 3's last year.

6. Shannon Brown - Great athlete with a nice stroke from the 3 point line. Can defend, he might be too expensive as Phoenix has money to spend.

7. Gerald Green - He has grown from his rookie year and would be amazing to watch paired with Rondo.

Now we look at Big man that are still out there who might help us.

1. Jordan Hill - He was used in the playoffs, a big body that can finish and rebound.

2. Robin Lopez - Another player with size, can rebound, play defense and went to Stanford so he should be smart right?

3. Spencer Hawes - Okay I know the 76ers offered him a contract and he is restricted but can't we offer more than 2yrs 13mil? I'm not sure but we should try because he reminds me of Vladi Divac, great interior passer.

4. Greg Stiemsma - We can use him, Still young and injured during the playoffs.

5. Greg Oden - Now that I think about it, no thank you.

6. Marcus Camby - Camby probably wants to go to.. Not the Celtics, but it would be a good plug in

7. Tim Duncan - Yeah, he's a free agent.. The Spurs will not let him go just like we wont KG go but imagine KG and Duncan teamed up, even when they are almost 40, I would love it. Again 99.9% chance he stay with San Antonio

Allen like I said is now a One Dimensional player.. which means his services are easy to replace.

"He's Gone Baby, Gone" see ya Ray

ps. If he thinks Rondo wasn't passing him the ball when he was doing all that running... Think about who pissed he's going to be when he finally realizes that Wade doesn't pass the ball either.. and that he's making half the money he could of. If he can live with that, than good from him.

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