Thoughts on the Rotation

The more I think of it, the more i believe that we can win it all next year. There is a big chance if you ask me. Chicago and Miami are still the only threats in the East (Brooklyn, NY or Indy are a level below). They will be tough, but we can get through them. In the west, the spurs havent done much, so i believe the real threats are the Lakers and OKC. We can beat both of them.

Now to next years rotation. We have a chance to win it all because of Danny's reload plan. Bringing back KG was huge. Ray's loss is tough, but we can get over it. I think that with all the summer league games and training camp, Moore will be ready to take his place in the rotation. Bringing back Bass and Green was also very important too. Our two first rounders have a better chance of playing this year than past rookies because of our poor frontcourt. I expect Sullinger to play rotation minutes, and Melo to step when injuries happen.

This is the rotation im looking forward to having next year:

PG: Rondo/ Terry/ Dooling

SG: Bradley/ Moore/ Pietrus

SF: Pierce/ Green/ Joseph

PF: Bass/ Sullinger/ Johnson

C: Garnett/ Wilcox (or Krstic)/ Melo

Thats 15 guys, roster complete.

Our backcourt is pretty good if u belive in Moore. Pietrus needs to stay because of his defense. We need bodies to throw at LeBron. Terry is a former sixth man of the year, just what we need. And Dooling is reportedly a great locker room presence and can hit some shots and play defense.

Now, the small forward. As long as we have The Truth we will be fine, but the addition of Green really bolsters the roster, He brings needed scroing and athleticism. I expect Joseph to pass the season in the D-League unless some injuries occur.

Our frontcourt is our weak link in this roster. We are almost relying on two rookies and an unproven sophomore to play big minutes. I think a veteran is needed, but i dont see anyone in the market willing to take the bi-annual exception. Even though, if KG keeps playing at this level and Bass keeps improving, we will be alright. Only problem here is that an injury to either of them could be devastatiing

Anuways, I feel that this rotation can really compete with the other championship teams. We almost made it last year without Jeff, Bradley, and with a hobbled Allen. I know that probably we didnt get to the ECF if Rose didnt get injured, thats probably true. But this roster can compete with a heathy Chicago.

I tried to put a realistic rotation that can push us towards banner 18. I know i didnt include some big splash free agent, but that is very unlikely to happen

Tell me what you think

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