The ultimate mid-season trade

This is by no means a plain and simple picks for player trade but anyone that can follow it can see it’s pretty flawless

What makes this trade impeccably perfect is the fact that it is a mid-season trade. There are a few things that will need to happen in order for it to work but all of those things are very likely to happen. The 2 most important contingencies would have to be the Bulls and The Timberwolves struggling before the all-star break. The rest are minor details such as players maintaining health and recent trends in minutes and statistics.

The bulls would get Andrei Kirilenko, Brandon Bass, Derrick Williams, Brandon Rush, Jamar Smith, Boston’s 2014 first round draft pick, Golden State’s 2014 1st draft, The T-wolf’s 2014 first round draft pick, and Brooklyn’s 2014 & OKC’s 2013 2nd round draft picks (from Boston) for Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer, Rip Hamilton, Belinelli and Charlotte’s 2013 first round pick

[Andrei Kirlenko and a 1st & 2nd round pick for Boozer and Belinelli ] [Derrick Williams Brandon Bass + a 1st round pick for Deng] [Brandon Rush Jamar Smith + a 2nd round pick for Rip Hamilton]

The bulls free up enough cap space to sign Andrew Bynum or Al Jefferson to a max contract and Taj Gibson to a hefty extension. They also get some very nice rental bench pieces as well as 3 2014 first round draft picks to fill in any holes all while moving Boozer’s bloated contract and injury plagued Richard Hamilton.

Golden State gets Luol Deng Courtney Lee Rip Hamilton and Belinelli for Klay Thompson Harrison Barns Brandon Rush Richard Jefferson and a 2014 & 15 first round pick (protected)

[Luol Deng and Courtney Lee for Klay Thompson Harrison Barns and a 1st rounder][Rip Hamilton for Richard Jefferson + a 1st round draft pick] [Belinelli for Brandon Rush]

It’s safe to say defense is not exactly the Warriors strong suite. They don’t have an able bodied defender in their starting 5 and possibly not on their roster. Luol Deng, Courtney Lee, and Rip Hamilton are all considered above average defenders. Golden State not only gains an all-star small forward they get an instant defensive boost without sacrificing offense and maintaining the ability to thrive in transition.

The T-Wolfs get Carlos Boozer Jeff Green Richard Jefferson Fab Mello Charlotte’s 2013 1st round draft pick Boston’s 2013 & 15 first round draft Golden State’s 2015 1st round pick for Kevin Love Andrei Kirilenko Derrick Williams and a 2014 draft 1st round draft pick

[Boozer Richard Jefferson Fab Mello+3 1st round picks for Kevin Love] [Jeff Green for Andrei Kirlenko and Derrick Williams]

The Timberwolves avoid going through a painful "Dwightmare" and surround Ricky Rubio with some quality (over-priced) players. Andrei Kirilrnko and Brandoy Roy have been out of NBA for at least a year Kevin Love has never played in a playoff game and made it clear that he wants to be "surrounded by greatness" no player on the T-wolfs roster’s qualifies as such. The sad truth is the T-wolf’s will be forced to trade Kevin Love maybe not this year maybe not next year but they will eventually face the same ugly situation the Magic just faced so instead of having a media nightmare and years of mediocrity why not trade while his value is sky high and gain a real chance to make some waves all while building around a promising (and popular)young point guard.

Boston gets Kevin Love Klay Thompson and Harrison Barns for Jeff Green Brandon Bass Courtney Lee Jamar Smith Fab Mello 3 first round draft picks and 2 second round draft picks

[Fab Mello Jamar Smith + a 1st round pick for Harrison Barns] [Courtney Lee+ a 2nd round pick for Klay Thompson][Jeff Green Brandon Bass +2 first round and a 2nd round draft picks for Kevin Love]

Kevin Love and Rajon Rondo cannot and will not be stopped. Kevin Love allows KG to move back to 4 spot which keeps him happy and away from bruising big men. Also everyone has raved about the Celtics added depth this offseason but in reality behind Paul Pierce and the 36 year old KG the Celtics have Chris Wilcox (who didn’t play most of last season) Jason Collins Fab Mello and Kris Joseph. So while the Celtics have depth in the places they need it the least behind Rondo, Avery Bradley, and Brandon Bass they have done nothing to solve their rebounding woes or prepare for the eventual decline of Paul Pierce and KG. This trade gives the C’s a promising future after Paul Pierce and KG, adds much needed rebounding, and gives us a chance to spoil the lakers desperate attempt to dethrone the Celtics as the most dominate and winning franchise in basketball history

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