Who is the Best Current Celtic Player?

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Very simple question. Loaded for discussion and argument to help fill the doldrums we have to endure while waiting for Training Camp to start!

A lot of media and fans have lately slipped into the 'post-Big 3' mindset already where Rajon Rondo is the new and unquestioned principle piece of the Boston Celtics puzzle. And clearly, I don't think many of us would question that he is the core of the franchise' plans for the future.

As part of the recognition of this inevitable future, many already are referring to Rondo as "the team's best player now".

That got me thinking. Is Rondo the team's best current player? Was he the team's best player last year?

Its my opinion that in this last completed season that it was still very clearly Kevin Garnett who was still, yet again, our most valuable, best and most important player. His plus/minus numbers. His dominating effect on our defense. His amazing consistency with that killer outside shot. Overall, he was, to me, not only our best player, but clearly still one of the best players in the league.

That said, Rondo's value can not be overstated. As important as KG was to anchoring our league-best defense, Rondo was the unquestioned quarterback of our offense. His streak of double-digit assist games was amazing. He elevated his game as a facilitator to new heights. And the triple doubles. So. Many.

Still, when Rondo was NOT able to get on the court, the team did find ways to run the offense. Pierce served as point forward very well. Avery dominated opposing PGs on defense. No one was a true substitute for Rondo, but the team was able to function.

So, to me, at least as of this last completed season, I still feel KG was clearly our most important, our 'best' player. And as of this moment, I still think of him as that guy.

But now it is a new year. Will KG still be that guy? Will Rondo up his game to an even higher level? And what about The Captain, Paul Pierce? He's still been our leading scorer and overall our best offensive weapon and team mojo leader - maybe we should be giving The Truth some props as our 'best player'?

Its an open question, of course. There are dozens of statistical ways to measure what 'best player' means and dozens more that have nothing to do with numbers.

I've put forth my opinion, but let's hear yours.

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