Avery Bradley is Heir Apparent - Trade Package with Rajon Rondo and Tyreke Evans as Centerpieces

I have stated for a while now that the identity of the Celtics rest with heir apparent Avery Bradley. As long as Doc Rivers is the coach this will be the calling card; he has talked abundantly about what Kevin Garnet means and brings to the table and it seems that Avery Bradley embodies that ethos.

Doc and Danny have done all they needed to do to say to Rondo, you are the leader, it is your team, lead us, here are players who can run, make it work. They sided with Rondo in the simmering Ray Allen feud and what do we get; a 14-17 start, players still not comfortable with the offense, and to boot THREE games in suspensions for items that are no where leadership principles.

Enter Avery Bradley at the shooting guard role and all of sudden the "IDENTITY" falls from heaven. Role players are contributing and playing hard; Kevin Garnet, Paul Pierce, and Jason Terry are putting together assist games in the 3 -7 range (i.e. the ball is moving) and most importantly we have won four in a row and look like the Celtics of two to three years ago.

It is clear the Kings want to build around DeMarcus Cousins, Jimmer Ferdette, and Thomas Robinson, so I think it is appropriate to ship Rondo and say Brandon Bass to the Kings for Tyreke Evans, Jason Thompson, and first round pick.

If one looks closely Tyreke Evans is a flat out stud of player when he playing the point and his size allows goes nicely if you are going to have Avery Bradley and Jason Terry at the two. If Rondo was the heir apparent, why is it when KG leaves the game, there is chaos; that is the role of the point guard. I think Doc really likes the disposition of Bradley and Sully (in terms of the future) and I think looking at Jeff Green and Fab Melo you can start to see something very potent with Tyreke.

I know fans must think I must out of mind about trading Rondo, but to me the evidence is clear; KG is going to be here for three, Paul at least two, and Doc and Danny, I think are tired of telling Rondo to "carry and bring along" the rest. Tyreke is going for 20 points a night and he is not going to defer to Paul Pierce or KG, meaning he is going carry the load, and with the ball in his hands he provide more options for the offense.

When looking down the road, if Fab Melo is going to be developed is the center along with a front court of Sully and Green, it seems to me that you need a little more athleticism (in size) and someone to carry more of scoring load that what Rondo brings and to me that is Tyreke Evans. I think if people look closer, they will see that Tyreke is an solid defense player in terms of steals, on the ball, and block shots; another important tib bit is the he goes to the free throw line at a value rate.

For me this is a slam dunk.

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