Trade Options Mid-Season

Anderson Varejao

(Saw That Picture On Facebook)

A Double-Double Guy 14+ Points And 14+ Rebounds




Good In Floor Spacing

High Basket Ball IQ

Defensive Minded Guy

Pick N' Roll

Marcin Gortat

Low Post Scorer (Can Get 20+ Points In A Game)

Shot Blocker


Pick N' Roll

Defense? I'm Not Sure (Suns Is A Run N' Gun System)

But He Can Be A Beast On Doc Rivers System

Al Jefferson

More Of A Scorer Center


Defense Is There Too

He Can Put His Body At The Middle For Attacking Players

Demarcus Cousin Is Not Coming To Boston Sacramento Wants Him To Stay

(Saw That Picture On Facebook)

And If Ever Would You Trade All Your Bench Players?

Jason Terry

Courtney Lee

Avery Bradley

Jeff Green

Jared Sullinger

Just For Cousins? And The Fans Thought Cousins Is Surrounded By Veteran Players So Attitude Is Fixed?

Maybe Yes But Not ASAP, Maybe No Too (You Can Never Tell) Two Hot Heads Rondo + Cousins

For Me As My Opinion ( I Don't Think So) And The Chemistry Rebuilding For Mid-Season? HHMM!

Who Woul You Offer?

If A Team Like Cleveland Cavaliers, Utah Jazz, Phoenix Suns Are In Need Of Small Forward

Would You Give Them Jeff Green?

For Me, My Trade Baits Are Jeff Green Brandon Bass Chris Wilcox Fab Melo


Since Omri Casspi Ask For Trade And No Teams Are Interested ( I Think So, Not Sure Though)

Include Him In A Trade For Varejao

And Since Clevaland Don't Have A Scoring Small Forward Which Will Definitely Help Them

(Jeff Green)

So The Starting Line-Up For Cleveland Is:

Kylie Irving

Dion Waiters

Jeff Green

Brandon Bass

Tyler Zeller

Is This Team Can Somehow Win Game Per Game?

This Season And Next Season?

I Know Cleveland Wants High Draft Picks (1st Pick)

But Most 1st Picks Are Center (Which Is They Have Already As Tyler Zeller)

Or Phoenix Suns

Since Michael Beasley And Marcin Gortat Are On The Trading Block

But Since Suns Are Interested In Acquiring Rudy Gay

They Will Probably Ask For Avery Bradley

So There Line-Up Would Probably This:

Goran Dragic

Avery Bradley

Rudy Gay

Luis Scola

Center Player

Or Utah Jazz

I Don't Know Who Celtics Are Giving And What Utah Wants From Celtics But Jeff Green Might Be Included And Utah Has Interest On Him

So Would You Make A Trade Or Just Trade Brandon Bass For:

Nikola Vucevic

Samuel Dalembert

Ayon Gustavo

Kevin Seraphin

Nikola Pekovic

Amaire Stoudamire

Zach Randolph

Or Someone Else?

Or Sign Free Agents:

Since Kenyon Martin (New York Knicks Wants Him)

Chris Anderson (Heat Are Signing Him, Up To Pat Riley)


Eddy Curry

Erick Dampier

Ben Wallace

Troy Murphy

Or Someone Else From The D-League

If Fans Of The Celtics Wants Or Think Miami Heat Are Still A Threat Come Playoffs

If They Really Sign The Birdman

Mario Chalmers

Dwayne Wade

Lerbon James

Chris Bosh

Chris Andersen

As A Boston Celtics Fans

Would You Put Brandon Bass Or Jared Sullinger

On 6'11 Chris Bosh Or Would You Want Kevin Garnett At Power Forward Chasing Chris Bosh

Or Chris Bosh At Center, Sub With Birdman, If Bosh Needs A Rest And So Is KG

Would You Put Jason Collins On Birdman? (Example No Trades Happens)

Or As I've Seen Kevin Garnett Can Guard Carmelo Anthony With Some Reason

I Think He Can At Least Contain Lebron James Too (What Do You Think?)

But The Sub Is Udonis Haslem And At Center Is Birdman And Bosh

Or The Knicks Beat The Heat 1st Round So:

Tyson Chandler Got 17 Rebounds, While KG Only Got 10 Rebounds

And It's Really A Problem

Even If We Got A Lot Of Scorer, If No One Grabbed Those Missed Shot

As They Say "Rebounds Is The Key To Defense"

I Know We Can Beat Brooklyn With Those 4 Big Man

Brook Lopez Andray Blatche Reggie Evans Gerald Wallace Kris Humphries

Just Hope They Don't Dominate On Rebounds And Box Out

(I Think They Can Make It)

Not Sure On Philadelphia 76ers With Andrew Bynum

Or Milwaukee Bucks Larry Sanders

So Its Really Up To Danny Ainge Who Will He Gave Or Offer As A Trade Baits

Since He Does Not Want To Trade Avery Bradley

Jared Sullinger Are In Trade Rumors

But Doc Rivers Stated That He Is Going Nowhere And He Is Staying

But As I've Posted On Top Any Of Those 3 Players

Lets Just Wait Until Players Can Be Traded January 15

We Can Win This Banner #18

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