3 team trade

Celtics get Perk

Thunder get Bargnani

Raptors get Brandon Bass, Eric Maynor, Fab Melo, and Thunder's first round pick

Thunder do not appreciate Perkins and if they had a chance to trade him for more offense they would. Bargnani would open holes in the defense with his 3pt shooting ability. He would make it easy for Westbrook and Durant to score. Plus it is always nice having a 7 footer. He is injured at the moment, but if he comes back before the trade deadline Oklahoma City would pull the trigger on this because all there giving up is a center they dont get a point guard they dont play and an insignificant late 1st round pick

Raptors would get a solid PF in Bass who can put good numbers up, and they get a young decent point guard in Maynor. Plus they would get a center that has a lot of potential and I think could make an impact on their team right away. Raptors are not expecting to make the playoffs this year but this trade could set them up in years to come.

If we could get back Perkins I think we would be primed to beat Miami and NY. We are probably the deepest team in the east already, but with this trade we become most balanced team in the east. We have a great selection of guards that can run and defend( Rondo, Bradley, and Lee...Barbosa can run at least) and that can shoot the ball (Terry, Lee). And the Combination of Pierce and Jeff Green backing Pierce up must be exhausting and frightening to any team. If Green can play D like he did on Carmelo coming off the bench every night I think he will be worth his contract. Now we got the Big guy. KG, Sully, Wilcox, and then Perk provides so much different aspects that can kill the opponent. KG and Wilcox probably provides the most scoring especially when assisted by rondo. Perkins and KG provides the most Defense. And Sully can do pretty much everything we need him to do especially rebounding.

This all rides on whether Bargnani will be healthy or not cause if he isn't 90% this trade never goes through.

Let me know what you think.

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