Can this team beat Miami in 7?

Well, can they? Bradley thinks so. He plays every minute like the conference finals and it is contagious. Lee is out of his shell. Sully was Already playing great and Jet?....well he can't hit a barn, But we are talking about June now or, at least late May. Rondo hasn't been thrown out of a game in almost a week and Celtics are never going to lose again.

Now, what about Miami's bench? Yes, that's right. their bench.

Battier...Allen (that would be the Ray one) and the pride of Cleveland State, Norris Cole. Miller gets some minutes, but, not as many as the first three.

As for the Celtics bench, they have decided to play for the last six games and play they have. Are Jeff Green, Jared Sullinger Jason Terry and Courtney Lee the difference that Ainge was looking to make this past summer? Sully is wild card as we were projecting Wilcox as the big off the bench before Sully showed up in the NBA rookie of the year debate.

Trade rumors are now hushed and the C's have out rebounded their opponents over the last six games.

Is any or all of this enough?

Will the killer combo of Norris Cole, Sean Battier and "Ray from three" be able to deal with our bench?

We can dream of Green slashing (a lost art in Boston this year), Lee channeling Avery Bradley's on the ball pressure, Sully's psychic ball positioning getting him rebound after rebound and Jet lighting up the scoreboard with....give him time now. Meanwhile, Sean Battier will be silenced Ray will hit 80% of his shots and Norris Cole will continue to be the pride of Cleveland State, but, that's it.

Are the Celtics younger than last year? Not really. Are they longer? No and Sully ain't much for elevation. Are they as deadly from 3? No, but, their bench might be enough. When was the last time the bench did anything but, get torched? The past six games have shown the world if everyone on the bench plays like Bradley? I hear South Beach is nice in late May.

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