A lot of talk about if/should the Celtics should trade certain players.. Pierce. . A lot of people saying the loyalty should be returned and Pierce should not be traded.

Part of me agrees.

But at the same time Pierce in his early years was an issue also, maybe not to the level of rondo. He didn't bump refs multiple games. Or throw the ball at the not paying attention ref in Detroit. But his off the court issues create an issue when he was stabbed. and he learned from it, and matured. He did show up to a playoff post game with his head wrapped up like he had a tooth ache..

Pierce stayed in boston cause he was payed well.. Career Earnings: $137,362,539.+. He was allowed to jack up threes and not pass to teammates. Thinking they were not ready to create shots on their own. You can blame coaching, the GM who ever... They could have easily said we are moving on, we want some one who is more of a leader, who can make other players on the team better.

He wasn't always effecient scorer. he took 20 shots, 10 free throws to average 25 points in his 4th year. You can say it was because of his teammates sucked. But part of being a franchise player is making teammates better.

it wasn't until his tenth season that he started averaging 1 point per 1 shot (free throws+FGA) 19 points while shooting 13 FGA and 6 FTA. that's being productive! If you're wondering, rondo has been within 1 point of doing that every year. I under stand those shots were different. Pierce tried to win games on his own. Rondo doesn't have to do that.

ITS A BUSINESS. I'm not sure some fans understand that. THAT is the same reason Pierce is going to opt out of his contract, to "see what free agency is like" so the team has to be loyal to Paul. But Paul can say his 16 million for next year isn't enough to not opt out. So lets play the what if game.

  1. the Celtics lose to Miami in the confrence finals. Pierce opts out. The clippers come calling to Paul, "hey, come play at home in LA" you can play along side Paul, Griffin, Jordan, Billups, Crawford, Odom...ETC. the best team in the league to this point in the season.
  2. Pierce goes back to the celtics says says they are offering that package. But the celtics didn't really improve the roster. Miami still won, KG and Pierce are another year older. Rondo has been advertised all year as "its his team". Same cast of lee, bass, terry, bradley & sullinger make up the rotation.
  3. Just like the past off season when ray left. He didn't leave for money, he has enough. He wants a chance to win a title again. And when The home grown boy from LA gets an offer to play in LA with a package of better surrounding pieces. It wont be a lock that Pierce resigns here to finish his career.

Look at the other super stars that should have stayed in the city they played the most games.

All of them were running after the championship..

If KG was loyal he would still be in Minnesota, It doesn't put a knock on KG. It just says he knew that the wolves couldn't do the job.

Loyalty can hurt as much as help. Loyalty has never made a top free agent say, "Boston doesn't trade the players when they cant produce at the level they normally have, i'll go there" But top free agents do go to teams that have a legit chance of winning. AKA the clippers trade all these young pieces for Chris Paul and instantly become billups, crawford, butler, odom, turriaf are willing to take less to play with cp3 and griffin. Odd that the clippers are the team that i'm using, not really. I think if it were the Lakers calling Pierce i don't think he signs just out of respect to Celtics vs Lakers rivalry.

If the celtics have an offer of PIERCE for a SF that is athletic, can give you 20+ points per night, is in his mid 20s and will be on the team for 5-6 years.. meaning the team can stretch the window of contention out. They have to take the trade. When i say Malone i think Utah Jazz. when i say Jordan i think Chicago. Bird = Celtics. Pierce will always be remembered as a Celtics player. Doesnt matter if the trade him. Lets play the what if game again...what if.

  1. the Celtics trade Pierce and Barbosa along with a pick for Rudy Gay, a rondo liked player, and Josh Selby.. The grizzlies get the cap space they want, they get a pick, and they stay competitive this year. Celts get a 20 ppg player. and a young guard.
  2. After the season Pierce opts out. Now Ainge and Doc can offer the same amount of money any team can. BUT they have another young chip in Gay. So pierce signs with the celtics Using the MLE.

Giving them a solid starting unit of RONDO, BRADLEY, GAY, BASS, KG. But adding Pierce, to terry, green, lee and sullinger.

I'm using Rudy Gay as the example cause i think he is the best SF available.. Pacers wouldn't trade Paul George at this stage.

I think in the end, they don't trade him. But lets not say NO WAY, it should not happen. Its the name on the front that we yell. Its 'LETS GO CELTICS' so i wont be mad if Ainge tries to keep the Celtics competitive and trades pierce.. Loyalty among other things may have been a reason it took 20 years for banner 17. I liked watching bird retire a Celtic and the ceremony where magic came out to say bye... But i liked watching the team beat the Lakers and raise banner 17 more.. And i would rather a banner raising ceremony than watch a number retiring ceremony.

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