Just when you thought you'd seen all the truly stupid trade ideas.

The following trades are actually possible. They include teams that WANT to make a move and the salaries are a potential match (I said potential).

You can't trade Paul Pierce simply because his contract is a no match for 99% of the NBA...but there is one player who might be traded from his team for Pierce. This team's coach "might" allow the deal and it might help the San Antonio Spurs and the Celtics.

Pierce for Ginobli. Long shot? Duh. Physically/financially possible? Yes. Ok...waay more possible than Jeff Green, Bass and Jet and Mike Napoli for Kevin Love...ok? Please, at least these two old guys could be swapped and Pops might let it happen.....although I have no idea why.

Now what other NBA team is looking hard at any deal? The Lakers. What do the Lakers want? Rajon Rondo. Are they desperate? Yes. Can they get CP next year? Probably not. Will Dwight walk? He's just nuts enough to do it. So Ainge calls LA and says Rondo and Green for Dwight. Ridiculous? By any measure. Physically and contractually possible? Well? Yes. Green plus Rondo is $20M. I am aware that Howard does not want to come to Boston and LA would not do the deal. At least it is doable trading partnerwise and financially.

There you have it, two ridiculous trades that could actually get done. At least someone around here takes a responsible view towards outlandish million to one deals.

You can't trade for Cousins. You can't. He is unquestionably the top player on a team that is in the middle of sale negotiations and he has a dinky salary that would make the contract match impossible.

Good bye Cousins.

Smith is staying in Atlanta and then going someplace other than Boston. Ainge needs a franchise player. Smith isn't it.

Good Bye Smith.

Ainge wants Kevin Love. No matches with Minnesota....none. Three team deal? Summer time only. Too sexy for February.

Starting to get the picture? Ainge will not do anything big until he gets his franchise big man. He has solid chips for a big trade...they do not have no trade clauses and are young.

Rajon Rondo is a franchise point guard who is young and is tradeable.

Jeff Green has all the potential in the world and is young and very tradeable which, in fact, is why Ainge signed him. He is the kind of player a GM looks OK trading for.

Bradley, tradeable as a complementary piece only. GM's need flash and defenders don't have enough of it. Another issue? Dinky ass contract....hard to match.

Sullinger, tradeable/tradeable/tradeable....dinky contract issue like AB.

Ainge will not be likely to move anyone above unless it gets a franchise player or a solid chip to get the franchise player next year.

Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are no longer the franchise players they once were. Ainge needs a new one. Focus on the next one....year after next? Maybe.

Ok, So after the two ridiculous but, doable trades above?

Starting lineup...Boston Celtics 2013 Eastern conference five....Celtics 3 Miami 1....(they lost game one in Miami on a bad charging call against Sully...effing refs!) Jet is 49% from three in playoffs. Not enough minutes to get MVP. Howard is averaging 9 blocks. Wade is limping and Vegas has Boston even money for NBA championship.







Sully - Jet - Bass

Need a point guard and a shooter. I'll take Ginobli-KG-Howard for now though. What would Miami do with that line up? Well? Is that enough of a contendah for ya, Mr. Danny?

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