Brandon Bass vs. Jared Sullinger Who Should Start?

I know that most people would probably say Sullinger but I personally would choose Brandon Bass.

I understand that everybody is upset with the way Brandon Bass has played so far this season, but I'm not a fan of having Sullinger start.

Sullinger is too valuable to the team. He's already a rookie who averages almost 4 personal fouls a game (not to mention he's been averaging 5.7 fouls through his last 3 games). In addition, he doesn't play that much better in big starter minutes, as opposed to sixth man minutes.

Sullinger has only had 5 games in which he's played 30-40 minutes. During those 5 games, he's been averaging 9.6 points, and 10.6 rebounds, shooting 61.8% from the field. When Sullinger plays 20-30 minutes, he averages 9.3 points, and 7.5 rebounds shooting 54.2% from the field.

The fact that the points are pretty close together, despite the significant difference in field goal percentage, shows that Sullinger doesn't exactly take advantage of his increased playing time. In fact, Sullinger actually attempts more field goals when he plays less minutes. When he plays 20-30 minutes, he attempts 7.4 shots. When he plats 30-40 minutes, he only attempts 6.8 shots.

Yes Sullinger's rebounding increases by 3.1 when he plays big minutes, but that's only his defensive rebounding. His offensive rebounds (for some reason), are down when he's played bigger minutes (2.6 for 30-40 to 3.1 for 20-30). I'm not saying that Sullinger would be terrible as a starter, but I feel like he can be more productive off the bench.

Yes, the Celtics are 2-1 when Sullinger starts, but those 2 wins came from the Washington Wizards, and even then, Sullinger has that 3-game average of 4 points, and 5 rebounds, shooting 50% from the field in 24.5 minutes.

Brandon Bass is slightly different.

Bass plays his best when he gets bigger minutes. In the 12 games where he's played 30-40 minutes, Bass has averaged 10 points, and 6 rebounds shooting 53.1% from the field. In the games where Brandon Bass plays 20-30 minutes, he averages 7.5 points, and 5 rebounds shooting 43.2% from the field. In the 10 games where Brandon Bass came off the bench, he's averaged 7 points, 4.4 rebounds, shooting 40% from the field (he was still averaging 23.9 points as a bench player).

Here's another interesting statistic: The Boston Celtics are 10-2 when Bass plays 30+ minutes.

What are your thoughts? Is Brandon Bass better suited to be a starter? Is Jared Sullinger better suited to start? Should either player be traded? Should both be traded?

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