The fans in Philips Arena get very loud,
Mostly when the Cs score! Lots of Green in the crowd.
Q1 Cs went on an 8-0 run,
This game may get chippy before it is done.

Johnson shoved KG, then there's that guy so "peculiah,"
(How else can I rhyme Zaza Pachulia)?
Season low for the Hawks, 17% shooting, Q1,
Cs a 19 point lead--forgot this game can be fun!

Q2 saw lots from Lee, off many a long pass,
Uptempo for Green, JET, again the long pass.
Last year Collins was a Hawk, tonight quite a greeting,
Johnson practically mugged him, just old teammates meeting!

Josh Smith's never been an All-Star, perhaps a dream,
Not if he's suspended (by his coach), "...detrimental to his team."
Cs 57 points first half, 19 points is the lead,
Another half like this--please--is what we need!

Hawks started Q3 with stifling D,
Then they had success warming up their three.
Hawks went on a 19-0 run,
Forgot this game isn't that much fun.

Last meeting the Cs were down, all the way back they came,
Second half the Hawks are trying to do the same.
Q3 Cs five quick turnovers, halfway through, no score yet
The bleeding was stopped by a three from JET.

Korver got loose, his threes hadn't been seen,
Luckily there were some answers by JET and Jeff Green.
As Q3 ended Captain P just his second score
The Cs are up 4 to start Q4.

Second half of this game so much went wrong
Like the Cs NOT being the team running the floor, going long.
Hawks had an answer, three after three, with style,
That answer? --Korver, Kyle.

Familiar sight, in the corner shooting a three,
We know who it wasn't--it was AB!

Double double for KG, Sully and KG foul number six,
Where to begin with the things the Cs need to fix?

When Rondo has a triple double,
Cs get in a boatload of trouble.
Cs went cold in both OTs, after a first half so placid,
Hawks by 10--Cs need IVs, I need an antacid.

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