A Simple yet blockbuster trade to fix the team

Avery Bradley , Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo or 1st round pick for Demarcus Cousins

Celtics have been linked to Cousins in the past and as recent as last month, the words "extremely intrested" have been used before in regards to there intrest in the young center that has been suspended 3 times by his current sacramento kings team and has had his run-ins with his coaches from paul westhphaul to keith smart, and has been a timebomb on the court just ask OJ Mayo, but those types of issues that have plagued Demarcus Cousins career and team have made it even remotely possible for this type of trade to even be talked about, Cousins is a big time talent.

Its no secret the celtics have a huge need for someone like Cousins , a center that can move KG to PF and not have to take on the rigours of banging down low with the horses. The Celtics also have been horrific in the rebounding, and although promising Rookie Steal Jared Suillinger has shown flashes of being an elite rebounder , his game is not complete at this time , he is a PF who commits too many fouls at this time and cannot effectively score because hes not athletic enough and hasnt developed his NBA game.

on the other hand Demarcus Cousins fills Bostons need in a big way , i know its tough pill to swallow trading promising young talent like Avery Bradley , a 22 year old top Defensive guardwith a good stroke, and sullinger

But you have to give something up to get something, and All in all Cousins > AB and sully and fills a much bigger need

Ainge has added enough depth at these positions to where he can cash in on his Chips now( as he did when he aquired KG) You trade AB, you still Have Lee to fill in his role, who is not bad at all defensively at sg and has good speed and a nice shot that will come around, and if JET gets going, they have more then enough depth there with Barbosa also filling in.

Bass and Wilcox can fill in the void by sullinger , but now KG can play PF because you have Cousins starting at Center.

Rondo - Lee - Pierce - Garnett - Cousins

Bosa - JET - Green - Bass - Wilcox

i think that team would Scare the living shiii out of Miami and could easily take them out

and the core of Rondo - Cousins - Green - Lee is good for the future too

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