No need to overreact. Doc doesn't have to go. Just rest PP and don't start him for the mean time please!!! AND trade the chokers..

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Seriously, KG needs help down low...fearless shooting options as well...

First of all, kindly look at this -

Based on the above trade machine results, my suggested roster is:

PG – Rondo
SF – Green
C – Mozgov

PG – Barbosa/Terry
SG – CJ Miles
SF – PP/Casspi
PF – Sully/Randolph
C – Wilcox

I strongly believe now that it’s time for PP to come off from the bench and just spend some 20-25 MPG – identical to KG’s mins.

The reasons I am suggesting all the theoretical trades above are based on the table below - FG generating statistics for the past 43 games:

Team Ave Opponents Difference FG Opportunity Eqv
Shooting Prercentages
1 FGM 36.67 35.79 0.88
2 FGA 80.16 80.30 (0.14)
3 3PM 5.44 7.05 (1.60)
4 3PA 16.23 19.74 (3.51)
5 FTM 16.23 17.81 (1.58)
6 FTA 20.81 24.51 (3.70)
Possessions from Hustle Plays
1 OFF-Reb 8.67 10.91 (2.24) 2.05
2 DEF-Reb 30.79 32.02 (1.23) 1.13
3 TOT-Reb 39.47 42.93 (3.46)
4 SPG 8.67 7.84 0.83
5 BPG 4.05 4.86 (0.81) 0.74
6 TO 14.56 15.67 1.11
APG 23.00 21.60 1.40
PF 21.65 19.86 (1.79)
PPG 95.00 96.40 (1.40)
Total Possible Points from Hustle Plays 3.92

Obviously, stats-wise, based on the table above we need more possessions (at least 4 possessions more) to generate more points over our opponents. Therefore,

1. They need more speed and ceiling at the starting 3, 4 and 5 positions to gain more offensive and defensive rebounds (hopefully Green at 3, Mosgov at 5 and Randolph as the reserve 4)
2. They need one more defensive stopper other than AB for the forward position to deal with the Lebrons and Durants, perhaps Green could be it?
3. They need 1 or 2 reserve 3-pt threats (hopefully CJ Miles or Casspi) in tandem in PP who is/are cheap and coming from a non-contender so as to protect Sully, AB or Green from becoming possible trade sweeteners and not worsen their messed up funk.
4. They need the reserves Barbosa, Terry and Sully to be the aggressive offensive talents that they once were.

All of the above point to 3 things:
1. BOS and its opponents have identical FG attempts
2. BOS is out-hustled because it has less possessions coming off from rebounds - 40 possessions out of its total of 80 FGAs versus its opponents having 43 possessions out of the total 80 FGAs
3. BOS is blocked 1 possession more than its opponents.

Ergo, these hustle plays equate to a total of 4 possessions and with their FG% of 45% these 4 possessions could result an additional 4 PPG of their total average to 99 PPG, thereby theoretically outscoring their opponents by almost 3 PPG.

Yeah, it's easier said than done. But wachathink?

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