Rajon Rondo Out For The Season No Need To Panic

Beating A Team Like Miami Heat Does Not Mean We Are A Contender

But It Only Shows That Even Without Our Best PG In The East We Can Still Win This One

The Only Thing I'm Bothered Is Lebron James Attacks The Rim Twice Without Any Help

And Chris Bosh Also Without Any Help, I Think The Idea Of Putting A Big Man At The Middle In Our Teams Really Helps

And It Somehow Solves Our Problem At The Rim

Without Loosing Everyone, Should We Trade Lee Or Terry Since Rondo Is Gone?

For Me It's A No, Just Get A Center, No One In Our Team Has A Value

So The Possible Players That We Can Get And Trade For Is

Brandon Bass + Timofey Mozgov + Anthony Randolph = Salaries Are Matched

Add Jason Collins To Leave More Space In Our Roster

Since 2 Roster Spots Are Left (With Jarvis Varnando And Kris Joseph Departures)

Having 2 Big Man Gives Us A Rotation For Brooklyn Nets 5 Big Man

And Chicago Bulls Joakim Noah And Carlos Boozer

We Can Sign For A Veterans Minimum Players

Delonte West As Our Point Guard

Since Jeff Green Goes Power Forward Sometimes With Paul Pierce At The Same Time

Paul Pierce Needs A Back-Up SF

Either Tracy Mcgraddy Or Someone Like Allen Iverson

I Know As Rajan Rondo Is Gone

Players Can Create There Own Shots

Jason Terry

Courtney Lee

Avery Bradley

Leandro Barbosa


Avery Bradley

Courtney Lee

Paul Pierce

Kevin Garnett

Timofey Mozgov


Delonte West

Jason Terry / Leandro Barbosa

Jeff Green / Any Small Forwards Veterans Minimum

Jared Sullinger / Anthony Randolph

Chris Wilcox / Fab Melo

In This Case I Still Don't Need To Panic

There's Always A Solution

I'm Not Pushing My Panic Button Yet

We Can Win These

Offensive Tempo

With Rajan Rondo Out

My Only Problem Is Chris WIlcox And Avery Bradley

I Hope These 2 Players Can Create There Own Shots

I'm Still On Winning And Making It To The Playoffs

Lastly Rajan Rondo At His Best When Playoffs Comes

But Remember Last Year We Beat The Atlanta Hawks Without Rajan Rondo

Without Courtney Lee And Jason Terry

With Joe Johnson On The Atlanta Hawks

I Trust Jason Terry, Courtney Lee, Leandro Barbosa, Avery Bradley, Jeff Green

Play Better Or Be Traded

No Need To Panic Just Watch And Enjoy The Game

Rebounds Kills Us But Offensive Will Definitely Kill You

I'm Routing On Leandro Barbosa And Courtney Lee

Just Hope Philadelphia 76ers Keep On Loosing

But I Know We Can Win This Trust Our Players

7'th Or 8'th Or 6'th Seed In The East

We Sign This Players:

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