After Rondo's injury, we are NOT blowing it up

Yeah, I'm calling it.

I saw a bunch of pathetic tweets predicting Ainge would blow the team up after we heard about Rondo's injury. Well, it's not going to happen.

Paul Pierce is going nowhere. Why? Because he's Paul freakin Pierce, a franchise player, a fan favorite, a leader, the captain. No matter how many plays he screws up during crunch time, The Truth just means too much to the Boston Celtics to be traded away.

Now, about KG. I saw this tweet from a guy calling for a KG to Golden Statate trade. Pffff. Yeah, right! I honestly don't care how old Garnett is, what he brings to this team is still more valuable than most of the league could bring. Kevin leads by example, plays hard, always competes, teaches young guys unselfishly, and is a fan favorite worldwide who just made the all star STARTING team and sells lots of jerseys (money making is important in this business). Trading KG makes no sense. Period. Moreover, who could we honestly get for Garnett? Pau Gasol? No offense, but no thanks.

When Danny extended Doc's contract and brought a mix of old and young guys to the team, the goal was clear: we want to be the East's Spurs. The results haven't been as successful during the regular season for us, but that's still a pretty good plan.

Just look at Jared Sullinger, whom we got with a late round pick and a year before he was a Top 5 talent. Isn't he learning a lot from Pierce/KG and even more than he would on his own? Won't he, like Rondo, improve his potential tremendously by playing with these guys? How about Bradley? How about Green? How about Melo? How about whoemever we draft/sign in the offseason? Don't those guys look like starters? Won't they be better when they become the go-to guys after seeing Pierce/KG play? Don't forget that Rondo's potential went through the roof after '08 because he played and learned from three hall of famers. Credit Rondo, but also credit the old guys.

So... Without Rondo, what do we do? We can still make some moves. Sign some veterans, fill the roster. We can even trade The Ghost (Brandon Bass) for an expiring contract. Same with Terry. That should leave us with enough space under the luxury tax to sign another guy with the full mid level next summer, for example, we could trade Bass for Charlotte's Desagana Diop, save some money, give the full mid level to a good player, and come back next season and compete.

Nothing has changed. We're still stuck with the same players we've been wanting to trade for a while now (Bass). KG and Pierce are going nowhere.

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