The Sky is Not Falling. But...

I understand the concern. This Celtics team is underperforming our expectations and seems light years away from its potential. However, I am in no way in favor of blowing it up. Whether your opinion is to “blow up” our chances for this season in favor of the future, or “blow up” our future potential in hopes of contending now, I am not in agreement.

Danny is not trading Kevin Garnett, period. You don’t coax a player away from retirement to trade him after two months, you just don’t. Also, I am fairly certain that KG has a no trade clause in his contract, so please, no more suggestions of trading KG.

Also, I can’t imagine Paul Pierce being traded. What could you possibly get in a trade for a player who is scoring 20 ppg, but has no future value. Anything Danny would be offered for a half-season rental of Paul Pierce would not be worth losing the man who has been the heart and soul of Celtics basketball for a decade. You’re not getting a lottery pick, because the only teams interested would be contenders.

Danny is obviously trying to live in a world of contending now while still preparing for the future. After only two months of basketball it would be foolish to so quickly toss that plan aside. For this season he should be sticking to his guns. With that in mind, certain players are probably off the table concerning trade talks. In my opinion those players are: Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Jason Terry, Avery Bradley, and Jared Sullinger. These are the players that I believe have more value to the Celtics than what could return for them in a trade.

However it is apparent that we need help on the inside, so I will suggest these two possible trades.

First, Danny needs to put his salesman pants on, because our tradable “assets” are not performing up to snuff. But if he could convince Utah that Brandon Bass and Jeff Green can function more highly in their system than they have in ours. I don’t see why Utah wouldn’t want to get two athletic guys with good jump shots for Big Al Jefferson. Especially if Danny can convince Utah that Green has All-Star potential. (Hey, he convinced us).

Secondly, there is absolutely no value for Cleveland to keep Anderson Varejao through the trade deadline. Teams know this, so Cleveland isn’t getting a deal that blows them away. They are playing for the future and hoping LeBron wants to come play with Kyrie Irving at the end of next season. Varejao is 30 and it’s not as if he’s been tearing up the league for years. He’s in a contract year and he knows it. In my opinion Cleveland would be happy to receive Courtney Lee and the grand potential that is Fab Melo.

Now, the Celtics haven’t sacrificed the core of our future (Rondo, Bradley, Sully) and we’ve drastically improved this year’s team. Your starting lineup looks like: Rajon Rondo, Avery Bradley, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Al Jefferson. Your bench is: Leandro Barbosa, Jason Terry, Jared Sullinger, Anderson Varejao, Chris Wilcox, Jason Collins, Kris Joseph.

Personally, I would feel very confident with that lineup, as much of a long shot as it may be. It’s only speculation, but as I was recently reminded, that is part of what is fun about being a fan. Opinions?


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