Call Me Crazy

Before I say what I say, I'm not disagreeing with Rondo's injury. I understand there is something wrong with his right knee or leg.

Rondo has taken matters into his own hands. He's getting a second opinion on his recent injury. Maybe if he works with the best doctor, he can make a return before next season.. maybe a playoff run? Before you call me crazy, let me feed you with some information that I've been picking up here and there. But also understand this is just a fan giving an opinion because of the love I have for a great Celtics basketball player, Rajon Rondo.

One interview that makes me think this is Paul Pierce's interview in the locker room. He said and I quote:

"It's like a upper and downer, you know ah. You know its a great win. You know you get on an emotional high and you come in the locker room and you see that Rondo is probably going to be out for the season."

The keyword was probably. And listen, I'm not afraid to admit I'm probably wrong about this.

There's just something in the back of my mind that can't give in to what I'm hearing. Every day there has been new things adding to it. At first, Rondo didn't immediately schedule the surgery. Now, he wants a second opinion. As far as what I saw in the second double OT game verses the Hawks. Rondo did appear to hurt his knee but still stayed in the game and played the remainder of it. Also, Doc had mentioned 2 things, that Rondo did the warm ups getting ready for the Heat game. And 2, Doc had said when this injury happened to him, he cried like a baby on the floor and couldn't move his leg. This isn't word for word but I believe it was said after the Heat game in the post game interview.

Then Kevin Garnett, who had also said after the Heat game in an interview, to not rush back and to basically take care of yourself and get better. Also not word for word but do you catch my drift?

Lastly, he wants to see Adrian Peterson privately. Maybe he wants to get his routine of work outs to shorten his recovery to come back. Maybe he wants to understand how me "mentally" got his leg back and made history a season later in football. We probably won't know what will be said from one another but we do know what its concerning.

Call me crazy, I don't care. I'm not saying he isn't hurt. It just seems like he isn't ready to give up on this season just yet. Until I see the media and Jeff Clark inform us when Rondo goes into surgery, I'll be a believer. Until then, my opinion and my mind feels like Rondo could make a return before next season, hopefully in time for the playoffs. Maybe that's why KG and Pierce had a talk with the team after the media left or arrived. If not, then I hope Rondo's surgery goes great. I hope AP gives him the best advice and best trainers for post recovery. And most importantly, come back next season better than this year and help the Celtics get another banner. Just a die hard Celtics fan who still hopes for Rondo to come back before next year.

P.S. I still believe this team still has a great shot for a playoff run. And no, I don't see the Celtics making any trades this year other than minor ones for a big man. It just wouldn't make sense to blow it up now when these players have contracts for multiple years including the Veterans. Go Celtics!

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