...ASSURANCE KEEPS AN EVEN PACE(R) WITH ABILITY (apologies to Samuel Johnson)

There's a forward playing, very athletic and tall,
But he plays for the Pacers, George...that Paul.
Do you think when Vogel coordinated vid for our team,
That coaching the Pacers was really his dream?

Low scoring Q1, BOTH teams played D,
Bass got the start...but poor start had he.
Stephenson for three, at the Cs bench he did glare,
He got a tech--seems only fair....

Since just one foul was called on the Pacers team,
Cs playing the Pacers--and the refs it would seem.
Cs at 29%, lowest scoring Q1,
Still the Pacers lead is down to just one.

This is interesting, something we've seen,
A guy in Green, named Green, playing a guy named Green.
Those words we love: Paul Pierce for Three,
Rondo crossover dribble, that fake--sight to see!

Avery Bradley, good steal and good hoop,
Is he the one setting the D-Tone for this group?
Cs 17-3 run, Pacers' offense isn't great,
Shall we say Cs are playing more D of late?

KG great hustle, fell over the seats,
Then ran down the aisle, as the Pacers he beats!
A Rondo explosion, joined by Captain P,
Best half of the year, 12 point lead start Q3.

Rondo and KG putting on a show,
Hibbert and KG banging down low.
Again those words: Paul Pierce for Three,
Tough Q Hibbert, West, Hansbrough Boys, Mahinmi.

Sully, KG, JET, Lee and Green,
One of the great lineups tonight we've seen.
Pacers West, 4 for 18, having a frustrating night,
Shoving with Sully, tech on West--sounds right!

Cs started Q4 with an 18 point lead,
JET and Lee connecting, just what we need!
KG fouled a Hansbrough hard--(ejected) flagrant two,
Ref said he hit him on the head, what could he do?

Hooray for Bass, foul trouble but good play,
Rebounding, good D, a few shots went his way.
For the Cs steals and rebounds, good shots and good D
At long last Celtics Ball we've been expecting to see.

We saw Varnado. Barbosa's back from Brazil,
For the Cs tonight this was a game of will!
How's this reason for the Cs winning score:
We started and ended at the wrong ends of the floor!

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