Overreacting, and possible trades

(First fanpost) Celtics fans need to step back and look at the big picture. It is incredible how much fan opinion changes after ONE win or loss. Last night, the C's blow out the Pacers, and everyone goes crazy. Courtney Lee is Avery 2.0! Our defense is unstoppable! The Celtics are amazing! But don't get ahead of yourselves. As much as we loved last night's game, the Celtics have been maddeningly inconsistent. They came back from a historically bad West Coast trip, where they lost to the Sacramento Kings. Their last quality win was on Christmas. I applaud Danny for waiting, and not blowing it all up and firing Doc after the road trip. Even so, the reality right now is that the Celtics are a bad team.

Last night was an encouraging sign. The defense stepped up, and Courtney Lee seems to be finding him role. Avery's D is still solid after almost eight months of no basketball, and Sully seems to always be getting a hand on the ball. However, the Celtics need to prove they can do this night in and night out. Also, the Pacers are not in the same class as the Heat, Knicks, or even the (gulp) Clippers. Right now, the Celtics are probably the most inconsistent team in the NBA. After the offseason, where we signed Courtney Lee, JET, Darko, Leandro, and resigned KG, Green, and Bass, we all thought this was the best bench Danny had ever assembled. There is no doubt that the talent is there, but the Celtics need to get it together, and build some chemistry fast. Last year, they were at .500 until the All-star break, and started tearing it up afterwards. To sum it up, the Celtics have a ton of potential, and even more so if Jeff Green, Courtney Lee, and Brandon Bass can get their acts together. Otherwise...

The trade deadline is February 21. All over the interwebs, I see people saying ridiculous things. "Trade for Kevin Love! Trade for Pau Gasol! Trade Paul Pierce and Rondo!" The Celtics don't need a rebuild; they need help. From what I've seen this season, Brandon Bass is the most expendable. Courtney Lee is providing good defense, and I believe his corner threes will eventually start falling. Jeff Green is coming back from heart surgery, and hasn't played in a year. I don't know how many of you play basketball, but my shot gets off after a week of inactivity. Green has had over 50 weeks of inactivity. With the emergence of Sully, and the need for a rebounding big man, Bass becomes trade bait. Lee and Green could also be traded, but I'm not as down on them as some other people. In addition, the 2013 has a weak draft class, and our first-round pick might be expendable as well. There are a few names that are completely flying under the radar, and I think that these could be realistic trade targets.

J.J. Hickson (Portland): This man is tearing it up now. Signing with Portland after being bought out by the Kings, J.J. Hickson has a higher PER than PP, KG, Rondo, Dwight Howard, and Dirk. He has a reasonable 4 million dollar salary, and Portland has a crappy bench. Bass as a sixth man, Fab, a 2013 first round pick, and future 2nd rounders could be dealt for Hickson and filler (backup point guard anyone?). Portland is looking to add talent to their team, and they could use insurance in the event of Aldridge leaving requesting to be dealt from a once-bright team derailed by injuries.

Nikola Pekovic: This guy is underrated simply by playing in Minnesota. He is eating rebounds, and his numbers are brought down by Love down low. However, he is a solid post presence, and I'd take him over Jason Collins anyday. He would probably take a similar package as Hickson to get.

Spencer Hawes: He is overpaid at 6.5 million, but so is Bass. Pissed me off during the playoffs, so would be good for our team. Picks and Bass might be enough to make a deal.

Philly would be a good team to add in as a 3rd team to take Bass, as they lack a true PF, and have an excess of guards and some extra picks.

I am not sold on Cousins, despite the talent (what if KG retires after this season? Who will keep him in line?). Gortat is also a no for me, as he is older, and making way more in salary.

I agree that the Celtics need frontcourt help, but dumping your offseason isn't the right way to do it. Danny needs to be careful, and Doc should be able to turn them around come February.

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