Is The Jet Experiencing Some Turbulence?

I know there should be very little complaining or concern, seeing as how the Celtics have reeled off 3 consecutive wins against Eastern Conference teams with 19+ wins, but my particular concern is none other than the Jet himself, Jason Terry.

In the 3 wins over the Pacers, Hawks, and Knicks, Jason Terry has averaged a horrible 4 points, on 21% shooting from the field, and 11% shooting from 3-point range in 23 minutes of playing time. For the season, Terry is averaging 10.7 points, shooting 42% from the field and 36% from 3-point range.

For a man that oozes confidence and talent, this is a strange sight. Very little has changed since his last year in Dallas.

Terry’s percentages are not that off from his last year in Dallas. In Boston, Terry has shot 0.9% worse from the field, and 1.7% worse from 3-point range, in 1.7 less minutes. What he gave Dallas is pretty much what he’s giving Boston, except that Terry was primarily doing it with the first unit (which he had to since Courtney Lee was struggling for much of the season).

The only significant difference is the point production. Terry is averaging 4.4 less points in Boston than he did in Dallas, and a huge part of that is because Terry is not getting enough shots. He’s only averaging 9.1 field goal attempts per game. In his last year with Dallas he was averaging over 13 shot attempts. In addition, Terry’s usage % is at a career-low. His average usage percentage is 22.6% but in Boston he’s only at 17.4% which once again, is the lowest of his career.

Another reason why I feel Terry isn't producing like he was in Dallas, is the replacements of his teammates. Swap Jason Kidd for Rajon Rondo, and Dirk Nowitzki for Kevin Garnett. One important aspect of the game that Jason Kidd and Dirk Nowitzki have over Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett is three-point shooting. The extra floor spacing is crucial because it causes the defense to move around and shuffle a lot more. Rondo and Garnett simply aren't that big a threat from 3-point range. Garnett hardly even attempts 3-pointers, and out of all the one he's attempted, he's only knocked down 28% of them. Rajon Rondo is no different. Rondo only shoots 24% from 3-point range for his career. The position itself may also pose a slight problem with Jason Terry.

Even with the second unit of Dallas, Jason Terry would still be able to play shooting guard due to J.J. Baraea. Having to be the back up point guard for a significant part of the season, I feel also makes Terry a bit uncomfortable. In his last year with Dallas, Terry only spent 6% of his minutes playing point guard, and 68% of his minutes were spent as the shooting guard. In Boston, Terry has spent 20% of his minutes playing point guard, while 40% of his minutes were spent as the shooting guard.

This stat could be a bit tricky as far as calculations go, but I don't believe that it's difficult to see that Terry plays less shooting guard, and more point guard in Boston, as opposed to his last year in Dallas. As far as net points go, Jason Terry is a -2 at the point guard spot. At the shooting guard spot, Terry is a +10. In Terry's last season with Dallas the trend was the same. In his last season, Terry had a +10 in net points, at the point guard position, and an impressive +39 at the shooting guard position.

I also believe that it isn't difficult to see that Jason Terry is struggling. I still believe that he should be leading this second unit. Perhaps he should be more aggressive in looking for his shot? What are your thoughts? How can Jason Terry improve his game? Can he improve?

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