10 things as the season *begins*

Jared Wickerham

1) The Season Has Begun

Last Summer, if you looked up the official NBA schedule, you were told that the season started on October 30th against the Miami Heat. Someone owes you an apology because that was false. The Miami game was a preseason game. Every game in October was a preseason game... so was every game in November and every game in December.

2) Could This Really Be True?

Yes. Everyone knew the Celtics season would not begin until Avery Bradley returned. Some people just forgot.

3) Proof

A Celtics team with poor defense? Preseason. Multiple players without roles? More preseason stuff. C'mon, Darko Milicic on the Celtics? That's the definition of preseason, isn't it?

4) Back In mid-December, In Preseason...

...I mentioned this to a friend who mournfully asked me via email why the Celtics for lack of a better word, "sucked."

Here's what I replied:

The Celtics still have some narrow but plausible hope to contend for a title this year.

*They need Avery Bradley to come back strong. He's a game changer with his defense.

*Then they need Wilcox to continue to improve as he gets in shape and further away from his heart surgery. (The team got detoured there.)

*Last, they need a significant trade around the deadline for an athletic frontcourt player like Josh Smith. (Or Cousins?)

5) In Sync

With Bradley out, roles were undefined. Motors idled when they should have revved. Everyone deferred instead of carpe-diemed. Players were trying to make nice with each other instead of destroying the other team. With Bradley back, it all fell into place. Everybody knows who they are. Everybody is full speed ahead.

6) Record

The Celtics are 3-1. They are one of the best teams in the league.

7) Melo

I don't know why Knicks fans are always pushing this guy as MVP. Yes, he had two great games for the Red Claws, but that hardly qualifies him as best player in the NBA.

8) No Seriously, Melo

Waiting outside the Celtics' bus to confront Kevin Garnett does not suggest a tactical genius.

9) Did Doc and Danny Suddenly Turn Dumb Overnight?

No. They hit a bump. They stayed patient. They knew what they were doing. Everything is ok. It's a beautiful green world.

10) Will There Be a Big Trade Deadline Mega Deal For the Celtics?

Yes. Probably. I don't know. Yes.

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